I am looking for a privacy friendly, FOSS powered e-reader. AFAIK, there are no mainstream products which qualify. The only options I have found so far - which seem far from stable - are:

- The Open Book Project:
- PineNote (which is in fact much more than an ereader):

Did I miss something? Does anyone have experiences with the devices mentioned above?

It seems like @fsf is also working towards a FOSS e-reader but no device has received the RYF certification yet.

@puer_robustus I have a bq Cervantes 4 but I don't think they're making them any more? Love mine 🙂

@dajbelshaw Thanks for pointing out the bq Cervantes to me. In the meanwhile, I found this:

From the looks of it, installing this should give me roughly the same amount of freedom as you have on your ereader.

@puer_robustus Depends on your definition of FOSS powered. If it does not cover freely licensed hardware design maybe take a look at
<> and links therein.

@puer_robustus Just like other devices I think there are three levels of liberation for e-readers, in the order of ascending difficulties: OS / non-firmware software < firmware < hardware design.

@puer_robustus you might be able to find an Aluratek ebook reader, but it seems they stopped making them in favour of Digital photo frames.

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