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Yay! Time for a Windows v Linux update race
Both have approximately the same size of downloads (~700MB)
Windows was 1 update
Linux was 148
Windows had a 75% complete head start

Linux won.
Windows is now at 76%

(This is purely anecdotal, enjoy it, do not question it)

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The power of : find bug, fix bug, create pull request ❤️

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Thanks again for the server maintenance reminder @garritfra
Maintenance was already scheduled for today so I'm on track so far!

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Friendly reminder to do your regular server maintenance.

I know there's a lot of "don't waste your time" regarding facebook metastasizing... but some of the memes are utterly hilarious

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Considering facebook lawyer up whenever a project uses the words insta, gram, and probably others in their name, I'm a little concerned about projects with "meta" in their name now

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It seems somebody on facebook has set their email address as my email address somehow.
Today I received this email

Yes.... the log in with one click DOES work

So I did the honest thing and went through the "secure your account" process. The account is now locked.

I'm doing them a kindness. Lucky it's me and not some undesirable really.


I've just bought the domain ""

oh the fun I'm going to have when people ask me for my email address 🤣

Will I set it up as a subscribe-able mail service? Maybe, maybe not, I'm still planning.

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@pswilde also, if you seeany Baby Shark Linuxes floating around, let me know. I know someone who is interested 😂🦈

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