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"Using answers from SO is not always the best to do"

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🤔 . o O ("The new Intel Battlemage")

Look, Intel, you're a tech company, I'm a tech guy, let's just leave it as alphanumeric eh‽

Anyone else try to keep nuisance "Hello I am your computer support, your computer is broken and needs our help" calls on the phone for as long as they can?
Just had a 6 minute one, got him to repeat a nonsense GUID string 3 times,

As the release of 91 is upon us, it's probably worth promoting MailAutoConf :

It populates a valid /mail/config-v1.1.xml file for your mail services dependent on a simple config.ini file.
It works with Thunderbird, , Mail and more.
Currently, IMAP, POP and SMTP are supported, but hoping to get CardDav and CalDav services in there too.
Outlook's Autodiscover.xml is supported but untested. Autodiscover.json is not yet supported.

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We are planning to continue merging a large sum of patches from the upstream Audacity project up until the latest stable version.

Our fork was created in the middle of a controversy without much planning based off the master branch. As a result, we now have a bunch of bugs that later got fixed and half-finished features, so... Just imagine that we forked the project yesterday or something. Same deal, same end result, really.

@PINE64 OK first thoughts after using my pinetime with infinitime via GadgetBridgefor 5 minutes.

Boot up speed is significantly better than WearOS
The Interface is incredibly fluent and easy to use
I think it does everything I use my WearOS watch for (notifications, steps, media controls, BPM)
It has a version of Pong

So far I'm very very happy with it

I haven't actually worn it yet, but

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Ooooh, my pinetime just arrived in the post, that's a nice surprise

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ICYMI: 70% of emails contain creepy trackers — DuckDuckGo Email Protection is here to help.

Sign up for the private waitlist for the beta version through the settings menu in our mobile app:

Original tweet :

Just learnt that exists so... here's Finley

Sorry it's not FOSS related, but dogs are cool

Before anyone says "use capslock", I have the interrobang ‽ mapped there and that's not changing!

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This may be slightly niche but....
UK to US keyboard layout converts (QWERTY), where do you map your # key?
Being British (sorry), the £ key kinda needs to be Shift+3 for me

@BirdsiteLIVE @garritfra 🤣
OK, that's what I get for not looking properly, just found the one on

yeah, that's better than mine.

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@BirdsiteLIVE @garritfra I'm sure something like this already exists, I just haven't found it yet.
I've thrown together a quick index of available BirdsiteLIVE instances here:
I've just added the three of us at the moment because... well.... they're the only ones i know of.
I still have to write a daily checkup of instance saturation and version, but I'm hoping it will help if there's any issues relating to a specific instance people will know who to contact.


I've done it.
I've switched to a tiling window manager.
if you wanted to know.
I should have done this a long time ago.

Other equally decent tiling window managers are available.

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on at moment, change your password

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OK, Microsoft's marketing department have really pushed the boat out here

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