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Anyone who's into and Smart Home devices should learn just enough about networking in order to place each device on its own little Class C subnet; so that your smart bulbs, TV, vacuum, and other appliances only see themselves on the network and nothing else.

anyone had experience with "das keyboard" mechanical keyboards?
Any other recommendations?
Looking for a new one and they look like they do the nicest looking **non-RGB** keyboards

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Im digging around in an old wordpress install for a friend. I swear... wordpress isnt a website. its an operating system. The file system is more complex that a fresh install of OpenBSD. BLOATY BLOAT BLOAT.

In the past 3 days I've gone from knowing a little about docker and kinda using it in some circumstances to being fairly confident with docker and trying to use it everywhere possible
I think I'm becoming a little obsessed - is that a bad thing?

Thanks everyone for their ideas - I can't see any location sharing (i.e. my wife and I being able to see each others location) in OSMAnd though.
I'm testing out NextTracks (OwnTracks sans Googlestuff) with self-hosted OwnTracks Recorder and it seems pretty hopeful. It's giving me ideas of prototyping some pet tracking devices too...very nice!

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Anybody know a self-hosted Google maps replacement with always on "location sharing" features?
Android app required (F-Droid app is fine)

4 hours to go and to be honest I've already ditched Dropbox.
It would be interesting to know who voted "No" though and their reasons for doing so. This isn't twitter, we won't attack you!

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Oh wow, there's a Dropbox Migration addin - superb!

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Right, so I've got my Nextcloud service up and running.
Do I get rid of my Dropbox account now?

HP *Office*Jet *Pro* 7720 does not have basic office functionality that professionals use like scan to network folder nor scan to email (using your internal email service not HPs one)
Apparently the next model up (9020) does have these features which is odd considering they're software features...
Not happy HP, not happy at all.

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parent: get out, it's time to go
kid: but i am out

Anyone got any good tips on creating a contact form on a site?
I'm transferring from an old PHP site but want to keep the contact form working (a few input boxes that sends an email on submit, that's all it needs)

oooooooooooh , where have you been all my life?!
Starting converting some sites from PHP to Hugo - such joy!

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RT from Malwarebytes (@Malwarebytes)

.@duckduckgo VP of Communications, @KamylBazbaz, knows that some of us have already taken the right steps to protect our #privacy. But it's also important to encourage your friends and family to as well. Hear more here: #dataprivacyday #privacyaware

Original tweet :


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