Anyone from UCEPROTECT here?
Gotta have words.

It feels very extortiony. As much as I agree with being stern about email security and mail server operators should have things set up properly, I've now got to pay to not be caught in other people's mess where my mail server obeys the rules strictly itself. Not happy 😡

@todayilearned I am so adding "Magnoreceptive" to my list of skills

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@mike it is defined as "Woking" in "The Meaning of Liff" by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd

Worth a read 👍

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Hot take: eMMC drives in laptops are a user-hostile technology designed to push people to put their data in The Cloud(TM).

That's up to them, they tend not to get in touch with me asking why their website is performing badly...

@starbreaker Yes, Bad WordPress too.
Bad Internet for allowing WordPress to flourish.

This is Bad Internet.
Naughty Internet, no!
Put that JavaScript down!

Bad Internet!

Just switched my silly site to hugo and almost vanilla simple.css

Web development is fun again - yay!

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Anyone who's into and Smart Home devices should learn just enough about networking in order to place each device on its own little Class C subnet; so that your smart bulbs, TV, vacuum, and other appliances only see themselves on the network and nothing else.

@starbreaker that looks good! Another one to add to the research list. thanks

@fedops oooh, those keychron's look good, really affordable too. Thanks!

anyone had experience with "das keyboard" mechanical keyboards?
Any other recommendations?
Looking for a new one and they look like they do the nicest looking **non-RGB** keyboards

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Im digging around in an old wordpress install for a friend. I swear... wordpress isnt a website. its an operating system. The file system is more complex that a fresh install of OpenBSD. BLOATY BLOAT BLOAT.

@marcosg self hosted searx. Gets around the rate limiting issues you have with the public instances.

@moddedBear do the keystrokes of writing the commands in a script on a usb count?

@aral @yarmo Our burgers are 100% ground beef (with salt and pepper)

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