@garritfra the commercial content is baaaad.
I also dislike how easy it is, for a non-technical user, to add numerous unecessary JavaScript libraries without knowing. Then complain that their site is running slowly. That may just be a problem with all CMSs though to be honest.

Now for the "Have you tried..." Section:
Have you tried concrete5.org (now ConcreteCMS apparently)
Been a while since I used it but it was really good (about 5 years ago anyway)

@rpx64 I definitely spend a lot of my day configuring things in the terminal

And. I. Love. It.

@chimpster me too, I actually ordered one recently.
I'm not using my pinephone as my daily driver yet but it could be a good add on

@proactiveservices those eMMC storage devices get slow FAST (pun intended)

@PrinceAlarming exactly as @Tay0 says, each distro you mention is good at one thing but maybe not so good at others, it really depends on what you're looking to use it for.
What encouraged you to pick those 4 names to begin with?

@cooper yep, I use a Keychron C2 (after some advice from the lovely people of fosstodon of course!) and I'm very happy with it
Having to get used to switching between a UK layout on my laptop and US layout on the Keychron is a little fiddly sometimes but not too bad really.

Just learnt that exists so... here's Finley

Sorry it's not FOSS related, but dogs are cool

@wk all certs are good knowledge, so yeah, go ahead.
My advice though would be to not overload a potential employer with a list of loads of certifications. Often this can bore them, and worry them that you may not be able to adjust to "their way" of doing things.

Of course, if you're freelance then go ahead regardless, it's all good stuff!

@fedops @wizzwizz4 the compose key is definitely a good thing. Doesn't sort my # issue as I'm so used to the # being on the right side of the keyboard.
But... I have now re-mapped capslock to compose and I'm loving it

@lyndon yep, that's what I'm going to have to do! πŸ˜†

@lyndon Yeah, I think that's what I'm going to have to go for
On a standard UK layout it's on it's own key (where on a US layout it's \ and | ) so I may end up mapping it to ALT+' as it will be in a similar location then

Either that or I just stop commenting out lines in bash altogether...

Before anyone says "use capslock", I have the interrobang β€½ mapped there and that's not changing!

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@lyndon Good idea, but I have grave ` and tilde ~ there which I use often.
Looking at my keyboard, I don't think there's a symbol on there I don't use often - I think # is going to have to be an ALT+ keypress somewhere :blobcatsadpats:

This may be slightly niche but....
UK to US keyboard layout converts (QWERTY), where do you map your # key?
Being British (sorry), the Β£ key kinda needs to be Shift+3 for me

@BirdsiteLIVE @garritfra 🀣
OK, that's what I get for not looking properly, just found the one on the-federation.info/birdsiteli

yeah, that's better than mine.

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@BirdsiteLIVE @garritfra Obviously if you'd rather not be on it just let me know πŸ˜‰

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@BirdsiteLIVE @garritfra I'm sure something like this already exists, I just haven't found it yet.
I've thrown together a quick index of available BirdsiteLIVE instances here: birdsites.wilde.cloud/
I've just added the three of us at the moment because... well.... they're the only ones i know of.
I still have to write a daily checkup of instance saturation and version, but I'm hoping it will help if there's any issues relating to a specific instance people will know who to contact.


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