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Sorry to everyone who just got a random follow by me. - You may also know me as @pswilde
I've been testing running my own instance for a bit to see how well having a single user instance interacts with the rest of the #fedi (long story short - pretty well!) and I'm gradually ramping up my follows to get more posts coming in.
I'm not expecting a follow back, that's completely up to you - but I find you all interesting so it's nice to have you in my timeline! 👍
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I got around to trying to work without a desktop bar... hmm, this actually works really well
Info tools edited to display a dmenu bar under a key combo.
So far I'm pretty happy, who knew the lack of a tiny desktop bar would actually feel much fresher!
@sotolf - thanks for the inspiration!

Code at: (all config hard coded, change it for use)
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Our server rules have been updated to include no NFTs:

"No NFTs! NFTs are not about art - they're about money. There are crypto-related instances on the fediverse that would be more suitable. "

Existing NFT creators (there are very very few here) can stay, but will probably feel more at home and reach a bigger audience on a crypto-focused instance where people actually want to see that content.

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@oklomsy @finlaydag33k Wow, that's a lot of new users (from a fediverse perspective)! I noticed shortly after the news that [#]introduction was trending with about 1.1k posts... lots of newcomers

And, of course, all the "popular" instances became dead slow - which is why I'm using my own instance a little bit more at the moment

@sotolf well, we're all opinionated in our own ways, I'm sure I could piss people off if I didn't reign myself in sometimes. Can't say I've noticed anything aggressive or unpleasant from you though
anyway, happy you're still around. looking forward to more book and podcast recommendations!

@sotolf sorry to see you go from the other instance, but the cool thing about the fediverse is that we can all still remain connected regardless!

@socrates @statistress consider following @alt_text
If you ever post an image with no text, it politely reminds you it's a good thing to do!


@fatboy Weird isn't it‽ It's like when there's a special event in a small village.
Like the Glastonbury festival. Small quiet town in rural England with a population of approx 8000, but for one weekend a year it's population becomes 160,000

@stux You're doing good work today @stux (well, from what I can tell, you always do)!

Let's welcome the newcomers with open arms!

But, to all newcomers: please consider making a regular donation to your instance to keep it online and working well for a long time into the future!

Information on how to do so is normally regularly toot-ed by your instance admins/moderators.

🌶 take re: birdsite and mastodon 

@ru "What, you mean I actually put some effort in to find things I like rather than be told what I like? That's crazy!" 😆

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The fediverse today trying to explain to newcomers where they are.

FYI for newbies 

@vv this is such a good statement.

Above all else, Twitter>-Mastodon converts.... Mastodon is NOT Twitter!

@jonbeckett not at all, I have two coffees before work every morning. It's fine

I have account.
I want to close my birdsite account, but... it is used almost solely for API access for my instance of .
Closing my birdsite account is going to break my birdsiteLIVE instance.

I'm conflicted. Think the best bet is to scramble my actual birdsite account (mess up all info etc.) as I really want to keep my birdsiteLIVE instance going - it's popular

Unless anyone knows if you can keep a birdsite dev account after closing your birdsite main account?

@Mehrad Ah yeah, it's the Twitter-ites coming over... fair enough I guess.
For now I can just upload pictures to my own instances and boost them here for visibility 🤣

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