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The podman one looks a little sketchy actually - this one should be better

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I assume most of us with a number of years of technology experience all have panic attacks when near printers.
I assume that's perfectly normal.

It seems somebody on facebook has set their email address as my email address somehow.
Today I received this email

Yes.... the log in with one click DOES work

So I did the honest thing and went through the "secure your account" process. The account is now locked.

I'm doing them a kindness. Lucky it's me and not some undesirable really.


Just in case for the last 30 years you were unable to tell the difference between different open windows - Windows 11 is here to help.
A huge amount of box shadow to really make those smaller windows fly

...for some reason

Hmmm... I wonder what @Fairphone are doing now...

I kinda hope it's not a new phone, I've just ordered a 3+ from @e_mydata which hasn't even arrived yet (and probably won't for a few weeks) 😭

Grrr google 

I don't know how long this has been a thing on Android. Likely an Android 11 thing I think, but when I'm powering off/restarting my phone the last thing I'm thinking off is setting up a Google payment method.

Does /e/os do this‽ Actually. I don't care. I've ordered a new phone that is /e/os supported.

Ooooh, my pinetime just arrived in the post, that's a nice surprise

Just learnt that exists so... here's Finley

Sorry it's not FOSS related, but dogs are cool

OK, Microsoft's marketing department have really pushed the boat out here

This is Bad Internet.
Naughty Internet, no!
Put that JavaScript down!

Bad Internet!


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