Just in case for the last 30 years you were unable to tell the difference between different open windows - Windows 11 is here to help.
A huge amount of box shadow to really make those smaller windows fly

...for some reason

@pswilde Because they removed window borders, and made everything the same colour. You have to have *some* way of identifying active / inactive windows.


@wizzwizz4 Sure, and curved the corners so nobody gets hurt.

But does the box shadow need to be soooo dammmmmmned biiiiiiiig?

@pswilde Honestly, that's the least offensive thing in that screenshot.

Who designed that UI‽ The context menu at the top appears to be associated with the window itself – or, after dismissing that interpretation, the entirety of what's below the fold… It just completely ignores all the UI idioms I know of.

@wizzwizz4 Oh yeah, for sure.
It's utterly horrid.

At least the update went fairly smoothly so I can rest assured when my clients end up updating it's all going to go perfectly to plan....... who am I kidding‽ It's going to be hell.

@pswilde Don't kid yourself. It's a downgrade – even from Windows 10.

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