Quite a fuckup, if this is the case. 😂 A friend sent me the below message.

@biomechanism I'm really hoping they effectively have to rebuild the network and DNS structure.
I'm also hoping the encryption keys used for their data storage are on a section of storage that is now permanently unavailable.

That would mean all user accounts for the entire platform and data they contained are wiped.

Back to square one zuckers!

Yeah, I'm dreaming but wouldn't that be nice?

Hehe, not for me personally. I dislike Facebook, but still use it to keep in contact with various people. Bit if a catch 22, I'd rather leave, but most non-techy people won't. Still, it's quite a fuck up, but won't be as severe as that.


@biomechanism nah, they'll get it working and it'll be forgotten about in a few days.

It was a nice dream though

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