Anyone else try to keep nuisance "Hello I am your computer support, your computer is broken and needs our help" calls on the phone for as long as they can?
Just had a 6 minute one, got him to repeat a nonsense GUID string 3 times,

That used to be my tactic, figuring if I waste enough of their time, they'll take my number off their lists. One day I started getting phone calls from people all over the US saying they had missed my call. Apparently, they called all these people spoofing my number and hung up.

Now I've recorded a few seconds of reorder tone at the beginning of my voicemail greeting. This seems to be working. I don't get many robocalls anymore.

@pswilde Yes I do! I had a _lot_ of calls from "Microsoft" saying that my Windows computer is sending emergency calls or something. (I don't do Windows.) I made a game out of it.

I had very different strategies so far and got different reactions. Among other things, I got called various things, I got to talk to an honest person indirectly admitting they're scammers and how they work, got connected to a "manager", I got yelled at, and many people just hang up after feeling caught.

@pswilde Honestly, I feel sorry for the poor souls that have to do those calls. I somehow don't believe all of them do that out of free will, but maybe more out of desperation.

I don't really want to play games with them. But my efforts to get back at them were fruitless, so I alternate between wasting their time (like @Tay0 said) and calling them out in a friendly way on the phone to politely ask them afterwards to take out the number.

@pswilde @Tay0
To one guy I once said I know what's going on, because things keep repeating. I told him what he was about to ask me next (i.e. the script all of them seem to follow).

I think after a while he realised that he couldn't pray on me. We never called it more explicitly than "their system", but he told me that taking my number out of their list is not really possible, as there are multiple call centers and they do not seem to communicate in that regard.

@floppy @Tay0 my thought is as long as I keep them on the phone, they're not scamming little old Doris down the road.
As to how true that is I don't know, but it makes me feel like I'm doing my bit.
In the UK we have the Telephone Preference Service which should stop this kind of thing, but theres some weird legal jargon that means if you do accidentally tick a box on some othe legitimate website regarding marketing, your number goes back into "the system" again.

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