This may be slightly niche but....
UK to US keyboard layout converts (QWERTY), where do you map your # key?
Being British (sorry), the £ key kinda needs to be Shift+3 for me


Before anyone says "use capslock", I have the interrobang ‽ mapped there and that's not changing!

@pswilde Compose key. L- is £, !? is ‽, etc. – if you don't want to give up £, you can add a mapping for #.

@wizzwizz4 @pswilde +1 for the compose key. I don't know why modern keyboards don't have one.

Wait I do. Because ms said nobody needed one, but they do need a windows key. 😡

And while rambling, I'd like a keyboard with a Sun type 4 macro block on the left side as well please. Actually, I want a modern, mechanical type 4 in TKL. Mkthxbye.

@fedops @pswilde You can emulate the compose key in software. WinCompose, for instance?

@wizzwizz4 @pswilde yeah I'm using right alt for the compose key. Better than nothing.

@fedops @wizzwizz4 the compose key is definitely a good thing. Doesn't sort my # issue as I'm so used to the # being on the right side of the keyboard.
But... I have now re-mapped capslock to compose and I'm loving it

@pswilde @wizzwizz4 no. Nonono. Capslock must be remapped to Control of course!


@fedops @pswilde Control should be mapped to Esc, Esc should be mapped to “change keyboard layout” and that leaves Ctrl+Shift to be the compose combination.

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