anyone had experience with "das keyboard" mechanical keyboards?
Any other recommendations?
Looking for a new one and they look like they do the nicest looking **non-RGB** keyboards

@pswilde I have used multiple Das Keyboard 4's for work, they're really solid keyboards

@pswilde Looks pretty "gamery" to me, like the Corsairs. I prefer the Keychrons I think. Also available without RGB fanciness. I have the K2.

@fedops oooh, those keychron's look good, really affordable too. Thanks!

@pswilde I use nothing but Das Keyboards.

One time the rubber footpad fell off the bottom. I emailed customer support. They're like "we don't sell that part, but give me your address" and a week later I got a rubber footpad in an unmarked envelope in the mail.

@pswilde I have 2 das keyboards, that still work great after many years of usage. They are super nice, the only downside is they are quite massive.

I use a Vortex 75 for my main workstation now. Similar build quality but just smaller.

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