Anybody know a self-hosted Google maps replacement with always on "location sharing" features?
Android app required (F-Droid app is fine)

Thanks everyone for their ideas - I can't see any location sharing (i.e. my wife and I being able to see each others location) in OSMAnd though.
I'm testing out NextTracks (OwnTracks sans Googlestuff) with self-hosted OwnTracks Recorder and it seems pretty hopeful. It's giving me ideas of prototyping some pet tracking devices too...very nice!

@XxAlexXx I use that for my main maps, but no option for location sharing as far as I can see.
Of course, it's a good map provider for the base service though.

@pswilde the osmand function is actually a separate app called "osmand telegram". It shares location data via a telegram channel.

I'm not sure that's a great idea, the self-hosted nexttrack sounds like a better approach.

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