Right, so I've got my Nextcloud service up and running.
Do I get rid of my Dropbox account now?

Oh wow, there's a Dropbox Migration addin - superb!

4 hours to go and to be honest I've already ditched Dropbox.
It would be interesting to know who voted "No" though and their reasons for doing so. This isn't twitter, we won't attack you!

@pswilde I had Dropbox and Nextcloud syncing the same folder and they both went crazy due to them picking up on the other editing their database files on your local disk.

I advise getting rid of Dropbox ASAP now that your Nextcloud is up and going.

@Batcastle Yeah, having them both sync the same folder is a definite recipe for disaster.
I've been with Dropbox for a loooooong time, hard to say bye - but I really should.

@pswilde Understandable. I loved being able to share folders with people. But 2 GB of free storage is too little. I'm using 10+ GB now on my NextCloud, and I have full control of my data. So I think it was worth it.

@pswilde I know I'm being lazy but would you have a good step by step guide of how you setup Nextcloud ? I trust you more than google since you've just done it :)

@atacamacactus I kinda mish-mashed a few different step by step guides to work for my particular setup. It's probably a lot safer and easier to use the Docker container but I used the source.tar from the nextcloud website.
I'd set up a LEMP or LAMP stack first then download the source and configure the web server for it. I had most issues with making sure my nginx site config was right for nextcloud which in the end I copied and adjusted from here:

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