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Google have suspended Element in the Play Store without notifying us; we're reaching out to find out what's going on. Apologies for the inconvenience; in the interim there's f-droid.org/en/packages/im.vec but it's a few versions behind. We'll post updates here.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/element_hq/status/

@matrix WHAT‽
Isn't banning the element app (presumably because somebody's hosting a server with bad content) the same as if they were to ban Firefox because somebody hosts a bad website‽
Absolute insanity - and thanks to everyone for pointing out Fdroid exists, having a good look there now!

@pswilde @matrix Not the exact right example. Googe should remove chrome, because it delivers websites with bad content. #element #matrix #google

@pswilde @matrix

The difference is that Google needs Firefox to avoid being a Monopoly. The same way Facebook sponsored diaspora to be able to say 'look, there are alternatives'.

@jcast @matrix oh yeah, absolutely, but the general example is similar.
The other metaphor people are using is for Google to ban an email app because emails containing bad content exist.
It's just a poorly thought out decision to ban element really.

@pswilde @matrix

Maybe their thought is let's ban a actually good implementation of true end to end encryption with anonimacy.

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