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I've been planning to add some of my recipes to my website for some time. I thought I'd start doing it today.

I present to you...

More cool, and more complex, recipes to follow at some point in the future when I get around to it maybe

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sorry i have very little respect for any person companies that chooses amazon web shit when there exists a billion competitors that are basically the same but half as expensive and not amazon

Tatooine web developers create new web scripting language 



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Anyone here from the #Devuan project? Your SSL certificate expired today and the page can not be access safely anymore.
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Who wants a self-esteem boost? Add a keyboard shortcut to play this audio file (`play ~/applause.mp3` is the command I use). I do it whenever I finish something I've been working on, and I love the new habit.

Or just play it once and move on. :)

The file's made by me, and I hereby make it CC0, so no need to worry about copyright.


Wordle 216 3/6


I don't normally share my wordle guesses, but I'm pretty happy how this one turned out

Infinite Loop:
Client: "Can you get us a laptop for ×"
Me: "you have outstanding bills for the last 6 months, please pay those and I can get you a laptop"
Client, to their accounts person: "please pay these bills..."
A week goes by with no payment
Client: "can you get us that laptop now please?"

I don't know why some businesses think it's fine to just not pay invoices yet still expect help. 😥

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I don't use messenger. It is privacy-focused, of course, but it's built on top of the Oxen , and I don't want to support .

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Does anybody else have a latent {SHIFT} release issue?
For example, saving in /(neo)?vim?/ you get `Not an editor command: W` even though you know you released {SHIFT}

I suppose what I'm asking is… does anybody know if there's a time threshold control on the {SHIFT} key release event?

"I work as a movie cameraperson"
"Wow, that's so cool, you must get to visit so many countries"
"Yeah, the metaverse has some really good views of [country]"

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Zuckerberg beams onto the stage from his spaceship in orbit whilst he's actually still sitting his, now 600lb, ass down on his sofa wearing a headset and eating piles of KFC to give his speech

Have I made this too exaggerated yet? Because it still feels pretty realistic to me

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"Well done meta, who are also our sponsors this evening and kindly provided this venue for us to use"

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And the award for most popular filming location 2027 goes to...

The metaverse

Mark my words.

Well done Microsoft... 22 years after Y2K you have created the equivalent of a Y2K bug clap clap clap

Joke with COVID Refetence 

Inspired by oh-my-zsh and oh-my-fish, a new themable task scheduling service is now available:

(no, not really)

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