Just learnt that exists so... here's Finley

Sorry it's not FOSS related, but dogs are cool

Before anyone says "use capslock", I have the interrobang ‽ mapped there and that's not changing!

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This may be slightly niche but....
UK to US keyboard layout converts (QWERTY), where do you map your # key?
Being British (sorry), the £ key kinda needs to be Shift+3 for me

@BirdsiteLIVE @garritfra 🤣
OK, that's what I get for not looking properly, just found the one on the-federation.info/birdsiteli

yeah, that's better than mine.

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@BirdsiteLIVE @garritfra I'm sure something like this already exists, I just haven't found it yet.
I've thrown together a quick index of available BirdsiteLIVE instances here: birdsites.wilde.cloud/
I've just added the three of us at the moment because... well.... they're the only ones i know of.
I still have to write a daily checkup of instance saturation and version, but I'm hoping it will help if there's any issues relating to a specific instance people will know who to contact.


I've done it.
I've switched to a tiling window manager.
if you wanted to know.
I should have done this a long time ago.

Other equally decent tiling window managers are available.

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on mastodon.online at moment, change your password

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OK, Microsoft's marketing department have really pushed the boat out here

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Apple is not a privacy-focussed organisation.

Apple is a profit-focussed organisation.

It just so happens that privacy is becoming profitable.



Recently I started using the kitty Terminal Emulator...
I like it. I like it a lot.


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Several people suggested that we reached out to them with unsolicited, intrusive marketing through twitter

So we investigated.

PSA: If you receive this notification, it was not paid advertising, and we had nothing to do with it. 🤦

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> Why Open-Source?
> Would you buy a meal if the restaurant refused to tell you the ingredients? Would you buy a car if you weren’t allowed to look under the hood?


Anyone from UCEPROTECT here?
Gotta have words.


It feels very extortiony. As much as I agree with being stern about email security and mail server operators should have things set up properly, I've now got to pay to not be caught in other people's mess where my mail server obeys the rules strictly itself. Not happy 😡

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Hot take: eMMC drives in laptops are a user-hostile technology designed to push people to put their data in The Cloud(TM).

This is Bad Internet.
Naughty Internet, no!
Put that JavaScript down!

Bad Internet!

Just switched my silly site unphoneticabc.xyz/ to hugo and almost vanilla simple.css

Web development is fun again - yay!

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