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You don't need privacy until you do, and then it is too late

Anyone in the know of a decent 4" screen smartphone?
Needs to pass the spouse test.

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If you download an indie game for free and you end up enjoying it, consider sending a tip to the developer, if they take them. Just send what you think it's worth. Making a video game, even a very simple one, is very difficult and time-consuming. Be a part of making someone's dream come true.

#gaming #gamedev #indiedev #IndieGame

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Holy Sh** has installed the simplest backdoor in your VMs without you knowing about it.

Microsoft Azure silently install management agents on your Linux VMs without an auto update mechanism, so you have to update manually but you don't know they exist because you didn't install them? 🤔

Simply remove the auth header and you are root. Remotely on all machines.🤯

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Is anyone looking into how to make the Scramble Suits from A Scanner Darkly? I think we're going to need them with now...

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Mozilla has defeated Microsoft’s default browser protections in Windows | Hacker News

This is excellent.

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TIL that iphones regularly transmit the Mac addresses of devices attached to the same WiFi network to Apple. In addition to their geographical location of course.

So essentially you can be tracked across all locations where an iPhone is near you (and you haven't disabled your WiFi).


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Anyone else seeing this? I made a comment that included "" and got this from Facebook.

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is a fork of Element (which is the most widespread @matrix client) that focuses on simplifying the user interface and the last version (1.2.0.sc42) supports !

It should be in the main @fdroidorg repo soon :)

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@drq @tenacity And DO NOT use the tenacity-git AUR package! This is completely broken, unofficial, and we've explicitly asked the maintainer of that NOT to package Tenacity before we make a release.

Hmmm... I wonder what @Fairphone are doing now...

I kinda hope it's not a new phone, I've just ordered a 3+ from @e_mydata which hasn't even arrived yet (and probably won't for a few weeks) 😭

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More and more people are talking about the story. Interested in your opinion:

Who is to blame?

Boosts are appreciated

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This anti-vaccine meme came across my social feeds this morning. I decided to compare it to wearing your seat belt while in a car crash.

You can die while wearing you seat belt in a car crash, but the odds are so low, I think we can all agree on its life-saving benefits.

Windows 10: The traditional HDD killer 

I swear I'm up to 50 or so HDD->SDD replacements in 2 months due to poor performance. Most of them aren't even that old.

Stopping background apps, disabling news and interests, turning off delivery optimizations etc. help a little, but still poor performance.

On another note, what on earth do MS think they're doing having "Xbox Game Bar" running in the background on a domain joined business PC‽

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I would be interested to know what you guys' approach to DNS servers is. Do you just use whatever your ISP provides? Or do you set up your own DNS server? Do you use a privacy oriented third party? Or I have even heard of a DNS server that runs on the client machine itself (Unbound) that directly caches from the DNS root servers? Anyway would like to know the general opinion here...

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(Chaosradio on this topic in German... )

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My first programming language was FORTRAN. What was yours?

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OK, really nerdy, but cool. This thing is absolutely amazing
Now all I need are some local friends to pop round and we can pilot a starship together...

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