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Pulling apart a £339 anti-5G USB stick - BBC News

Do I need magic dust to top it up once in a while?! Or powder from tusk of Pink Invisibe Unicorn?

I feel less and less human: The answer you entered for the CAPTCHA was not correct.

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If you're on fedora 32 :fedora: and doesn't work anymore, because of shiboken error: there is an update in the pipeline.

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Is there any open source camera app for samsung galaxy S10 that supports all 3 lenses?

Must have for working from home if the ambient sound is not as good as it should ;)
Noice: Ad-free indefinite background noises (Relax, improve focus, and boost productivity with minimal background noise.) -

CalculiX build script got updated to ccx-2.16 Works on fedora 30 & 31, ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04. fedora 32 is not supported - problems with gfortran 10.0.1

Make sure you get a break from work, even if you are at home

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See today's new BlenderBIM Add-on feature demo: creating section planes! Section planes can cut through your model to expose the guts of it.

Break the Autodesk monopoly. Support free software.

#blender #blenderbim #openbim #b3d #ifc #opensource

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