I'd love to see a register of spam pages + a filter.. I mean pages that only exist to provide links to another site. I.e. I look for some food recipe, I found a page that looks OK, but only first 2 lines on the page are relevant to what I'm searching for. The rest is text about renting holiday homes + tons of links 🤔

@przemo It wouldn't be too hard to start assembling that blocklist (anti-spam blocklists are mostly email server IPs,, but there are some lists of spammed links too). As with all spam fighting you'd need continual updates.

The real UX win for me would be a browser add-on that filters search engine results using the blocklist, so I never even see them.

I've been fooled by search results that led to sites that had scraped and duplicated Stack Overflow pages, adding malware.


@pbx community provided info would be the best. Spam/no spam button + user ranking to avoid system abuse. So many ideas, so little time..

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