LibreOffice Base - massive performance problems with 24k of records on intel i7 i7-3610QM, 8 GB RAM - is that normal?

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I just tried out the new #freecad 0.18 and I really like it. So much polish and UI improvements added compared to 0.17. Amazing job @FreeCAD

I just bought Turris Omnia - open hardware router running free operating system based on OpenWrt. I hope it will reduce my ISP router to a mere fibre optic modem 😃

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Account closed! I have to wait 60 days and it should be really closed/deleted. So 3 months in total 8-)

Reinstalling linux in most cases fixes the problem, but you learn _nothing_. Do no go that way!

:fedora: 27 got removed from , so if you want to use cutting edge it's time to upgrade! Or compile locally .

From IRC widom:
dpkg -l tar | grep ^ii | awk '{print $3}'
apt-cache policy tar | awk '$1 == "Installed:" {print $2}'

Is there an easy way of checking installed package version under ubuntu/debian? I mean something like fedora "rpm -q tar" producing tar-1.30-6.fc29.x86_64. i'm searching for the last 20 minutes and apt, apt-cache, aptitude and dpkg can do everything you want except simple producing package version My search skills are failing me or the deb system doesn't provide it?

I didn't expect that compiling ARPACK from year 1996 will make me laugh:
$ make
usage: make ?

$ make ?
Unknown target ?, try: make help

$ make help
usage: make ?

FreeCAD Specific Items filter in Boolean Fragments and Compound Filter in Part workbench

I managed to get a real person on the other side and i should be able to close the account in March! :-)

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