I got a low end . Works quite well, but the software is proprietary 馃え not open source and installation on unsupported took me a few hours. Also it runs on mono 馃え

I'm looking for a virtual low-end oscilloscope that works with linux and uses open source software. seems to support quite well, but no open source software. ticks all the boxes, but doesn't exist yet and it's a high-end. Hunting for ..

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openclipart.org is down.. Is there any other clip art web page?

It's so easy to forget how expensive would be to create anything on your computer without like , , , , , , or . Contribute or donate to your favourite project today please!

Playing with focus stacking using for tethered shooting and command line align_image_stack and enfuse. It's so easy and so good that it should be illegal 馃槣

The cursor problem is probably fixed in gnome 3.33 [1]. Temporary workaround thanks to Kamil P谩ral @kparal : Gnome Settings -> Universal Access -> Zoom -> Magnifier and enable it with magnification 1.00

[1] gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-s

I'm looking for a screen recorder that captures cursor. I use and . I tried: the built-in gnome recorder, EasyScreenCast, SimpleScreenRecorder, byzanz, Green Recorder, vlc. SimpleScreenRecorder captures the cursor, but not the screen content. The rest captures only the content, but not the screen.. Switching back to xorg to make a video is so far the only working option.

I doens't look good. I think I managed to brick it....

Just flashing with home made package. I hope I won't end up with 馃槣

I just learned about print screen shotrcuts 馃槉 Add alt to capture single window, shift to capture area, crlt to capture to buffer (clipboard?). ctrl+alt and ctrl+shift work as well :gnome:

I'm looking for git hosting service for an open source project accessible without limitations for users from all over the world. Any suggestions?

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