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@przemo But… it's not SARS-CoV-2 disinfectant. It'd have to be diluted with (ideally distilled) water to 70% to be effective.

I just realised that 1l of 99.9% IPA that I bought as electronic cleaner for €5.95 a few months ago is now called SARS2-CoV desinfecant with a price tag of €70. Looks like I still have desinfecant worth around €40 in that plastic bottle 😜

<chessy> do not let turn into pandemonium, </cheesy>

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Yeah, moving to FOSS is always a battle in the workplace. I this case, Skype was plainly just not working. I suggested Jitsi, then only when we were live and it was obviously working, did I mention "BTW Jitsi's FOSS" 😄

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I've just finished a set of screencasts on the Desktop Publishing tool Scribus for my students.

The program has come quite a long way since I last used it, it is really great to have a strong #FLOSS canvas #layout alternative.

If anything, the #covid19 lockdown has been a great opportunity to showcase free and libre open source software alternatives to my students and collegues.

Can post links when transcoding is finished, if there is any interest.

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Dutch health care workers:
"We are here for you. Please stay home for us!"

I'm still x3 times faster with than , but dvorak is not force trying to make me world class pianist jumping all over the keyboard 😜

Weird statistics: outbreak in Wuhan probably saved some people - drastic improvement in air quality saved more than the virus killed. Trafic deaths in Poland down by 30% - that saved around 50 people. The virus killed 6 people so far in Poland.

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Friendly piece of advice for people new to FOSS asking for help/advice from others: Before you show someone your work-in-progress code clean it up a little, like remove commented code and pay attention to coding style. It makes reviewing much more pleasant and helps you get help

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