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For technology to be truly sustainable, it must be globally available and independent. The open distribution of sustainable technology, knowledge and data provides the basis for an ecological and economical global economy.

Shiny R Dashboard to easily query, download, analyse and visualise Global Fishing Watch data @Shyentist_Pico @Shyentist

An R Package for 's Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation @GEDI_Knights Data Visualization and Processing. @Web_LiDAR @carlos-alberto-silva

Provides intuitive programming libraries to process a wide variety of earth observation datasets @openEO_Platform

A platform to design, deploy, and operate transactive energy systems in electric utility retail environments. @dchassin

Commonly used codes, categories, terminologies, and nomenclatures used in policy analysis in a nice package. @MikaPfluger @PIK_Klima

Database with efficiency parameters from public @hpkeymark datasets as well as parameter-sets and functions in order to simulate heat pumps.

Gridded fossil emissions and related O2 combustion consistent with national inventories 1959-2018. @Jones_MattW

Simulation and analysis of household scenarios using modern components as alternative to fossil fuel based ones. @ttjaden

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