The Pine Phone has arrived, and it's every bit as wonderful as I thought it would be. Now to find a working OS...

Long story short: none of them really work yet, but that is to be expected. Ubuntu Touch is by far the furthest along and most polished, along with Sailfish. postmarketOS is also coming along nicely, but Plasma Mobile needs a lot of work (not a problem of their distro, technically).

Hopefully I can completely switch to Ubuntu Touch or Sailfish in a month or two.

I really wanna try ubuntu tuch. Played just a tiny bit with posarketos, and well. Not particulary easy to install and ecen then, wasen't able to maje it work.

@Twelve Ubuntu Touch is very nice. The image is quite usable for alpha software if you want to look at it. Important things still don't work (notably WiFi and data), and the battery drains extremely fast. But I think those will improve rapidly now that the phone is reaching people's hands.

For me, I think I will wind up using either UT or Sailfish.

I mean, wifi would be nice if it worked, but rest it seems to cover my needs.

Better then having to have it plugged in at all times still

@Twelve I think you're overly optimistic about the current battery state. We're talking like 40 percent of the battery draining in an hour or two. And the phone doesn't really sleep, so it gets quite warm.

@Twelve To be clear though, I expect these problems to be fixed some time in the coming months.

I am mainlu bot concerned with it as the phones i have have such worn battery that they need to be consently plugged in to use anyways. Thats mainly why i am not vothered with it

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