Just read DeVault's post about how the fediverse can be toxic. It's a tad preachy and his experience is the total opposite of my time here... y'all have been wonderful!

This is the first social network I've actually continued to use beyond just a few weeks.

Considering the first paragraph, are you surprised that the rest of the article is wrong?


"The Fediverse is an environment optimized for flame wars"

Me, with my perennially chill home and local timeline: :blobcatgooglycup:

@proactiveservices @zstix yep, he seems to usually take an absolutist position. I think he is right that the tools of engagement and dopamine hits are available, but since fediverse doesn't have the profit motive they won't have the same focus as in Twitter/Facebook. Just because fediverse has the potential to be bad doesn't mean it's already bad.

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