@plausible A nice move, but they're still way off the mark. As per my comment on HN:
Two steps in the right direction, but this one page still sends requests to soundcloud.com, rawgit.com, cloudflare.com, googleapis.com, amazonaws.com, fontawesome.com, sndcdn.com, stackcommerce.com, stackassets.com, stacksocial.com, and gravatar.com.

Their "self-hosted" Plausible content is pulled from tics.techdirect.com, which resolves to and shares a reverse DNS with custom.plausible.io. Can't tell who runs the web server on the other end of this, so it may well be self-hosted.

The site also dropped a first-party one-year cookie, and let a third party drop a week-long cookie.

My browser is set to send Do Not Track requests, so my explicit wishes are still being flagrantly ignored.


There is still a lot of third-party tracking going on here, as well as execution of remote code under the control of third parties. It's remains a privacy and security clusterfuck but it's better than it was.

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