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@techaddressed VXD was merely an unstable, poorly-documented API to interact with the BSOD code in the Windows kernel.

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Me? No, I'm the Systems Admonisher. When they go wrong I tell them off and they get back to work.

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Hello! Follows are welcome, as are corrections and helpful technical and netiquette criticism. I assume good faith, so dive in.

I tend not to follow folk on my home instance as I keep up to tabs on the local timeline, and prefer to keep my home timeline manageable. If I don't return a follow it's not a snub.

If I've boosted a bona fide attempt you've made to insult me, rest assured I'm incandescently amused and I'll almost certainly remember it. Better luck next time.

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Polls on Mastodon are...

We are now reworking the moderation feature for the #NewFedilab. Out of curiosity to moderators, have you tried it with #Fedilab?

Your web site's "news" page isn't a news page unless it exposes an RSS feed.

@Gargron "Oh my god, I actually forgot, I can't believe I forgot Gab! Like that hasn't happened twice, it happened thrice."

That'll happen.

"There is a model built into [ ] where your active lack of criticism or critique, generally, of the technology, is potentially beneficial to your wallet".

"Are you sure you want to save Windows 7?"

Now there's a question.

Plain text phishing:
"If you have not recently signed in to an iPhone 8 with your Apple ID and believe someone may have accessed your account, go to Apple ID ( and change your password as soon as possible. "

I did not know was a thing 😱 No wonder I'm still stuck on this planet and haven't been able to catch a ride to a distant galaxy!

cw meta, may annoy you 

Every once in a while I see a post where someone is enraged that others didn't use a cw. I'm starting to get ambivalent about this.

I agree that nsfw posts should have a cw. I also agree that admins should be allowed to require a warning for other topics at their discretion.

However, mastodon allows us to filter content we don't want to see. We can also block users at will. If it can be resolved on my end with a simple setting is it really worth the rage?

Watching free to air tv, oh god

I mean, I suppose that’s sort of a way to “encrypt”

We don’t need any more confusion around this term though -

I mean it’s a kind of redaction? Probably an improvement on just chucking in trash🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Writing systemd service files for a video game to separate out single- and multiplayer processes, plus system hardening for an added bonus.

also, it's a #RaspberryPi when all is said and done, so it's probably the only guitar pedal in your rack on which you can check your email

Will your Gmail account work in Thunderbird at the end of this month, when Google switches to mandatory OAuth 2.0 authentication? YES!

Thunderbird 91.8.0, released 5th April 2022, converts Gmail accounts to OAuth 2.0 automatically. But there are rare cases where the migration might fail (for example, if you've told Thunderbird to reject cookies).

Read our support article for all the relevant details:

My kingdom for a way to pin Process Explorer's window scrolling position to the top or bottom.

If you paste an #OpenStreetMap link into the location of a post #Epicyon now displays it as an embedded map. This also works for other map links, such as Google/Bing maps.

@system76 I don't see a link to your Mastodon account on , would be cool to see such a large brand featuring a Mastodon link. (Even if I've just criticised them ;-)

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Also, I'm not a dev but there is no way in hell I'd spec a laptop for a developer with only 16GB RAM and 8 cores, they'd laugh at me.

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I wonder: if one buys the HP Dev One with and an HP printer/scanner, does HP force them to use their proprietary scanning software and connect to their online services just to use the scanner?

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