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Does anyone knows a good GUI tool (other than Meld) that:
- shows the modifications in the changed lines (not just marking the line as changed)
- supports syntax-highlighting
- has dark mode (no, Nord theme is not dark, it is blue)
- be F[L]OSS (I am willing to pay if it is )
- maintained frequently enough

Additional bonus if
- not GTK-based
- diff in git folders
- respect .git/ when diffing folders

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Anyone knowledgeable in unit security wizardry? We could really use a hand reviewing the following PR for :

If it doesn't land in our systemd unit, at least it could provide some basis for third-party projects seeking to harden PT deployments.

has a "Copy" and "Copy Link" option for context menus over URLs, and neither work. I swear this software gets worse every time I have to use it.

Hands up if you'd donate five minutes if your favourite software asked you to fill in a survey about how you use the software. Put up the other hand if this method isn't creepy, doesn't add bloat and technical debt, preserves your privacy and has zero chance to exfiltrate personal/confidential data.

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And you know where this assumption is going - the telemetry tells the project that now the demoted element is used by a tenth of its previously small user count. So let's remove it entirely because apparently, good UX is to remove as many elements as possible.

Not to actually try a human-centric approach: ask why.

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And if a project looks at a button and they think "Hardly anyone uses this element, let's demote it". But people don't use it because it's not clear what it does, perhaps the software doesn't have hover-over tips, doesn't have a tutorial, the icon is too small, not obvious, poorly-positioned, or should have been a menu option. Now the button is demoted and even more difficult for us to find - and we're just restoring from a backup instead, we're just making do without.

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He commented that he sometimes changes the UI and because of the awkward design, can't remember how to set it back. He just restores his config from a backup.

Telemetry will never tell you why a user doesn't use a UI element. It cannot teach you what people do not use because they can't find it, don't notice it or aren't aware of its purpose.

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Late Night Linux's latest podcast episode covered the issue and something one of the hosts said made me think about how little useful user interaction data telemetry really provides...(thread)

"You are not being tracked since your browser is reporting that you do not want to. This is a setting of your browser so you won't be able to opt-in until you disable the 'Do Not Track' feature."

What the hell kind of utopian Web did I just fall into? How can I make sure I never leave it?

Apparently the new audacity owners are adding telemetry to it :/ This is....concerning. Especially because that PR discussion has _zero_ opposition to the feature being added

Clearly I ask the important questions around here.

“This merger is good for competition and in the interests of everyone in the UK who uses GIPHY and our services — from developers to service providers to content creators.” - Facebook.

For some strange reason, I doubt it...

Getting exposed to other cultures and languages on the fediverse has been fundamentally eye-opening. The world is so much bigger than I thought.

This should be eye opening to everyone that was discussing with me claiming that bitcoin mining is using mainly renewable energy.

I like that most VPN services' selling point is to show you your own IP address like, "Oh no! Everyone can see this! You're DOOOOMED!" But it'll be OK if we just let Joe Bob's Discount VPN and Bait Shop have exclusive access to our Internet activity instead.

Charge thresholds for non-ThinkPads are implemented in TLP for:

ASUS Laptops

Huawei MateBooks

Lenovo Ideapads

Samsung Laptops

Please participate in the alpha test. All necessary information is [here](

Today I discovered which takes to its logical extreme.

I've spent part of the afternoon redesigning to get under that 1KB limit!

Not quite finished, but the result is here:

Lmao so #Windows Defender on my work laptop just warned me I had a trojan called "Peekeul.B."

Nothing I can find about it online except from #Microsoft itself:

Windows removed it automatically so I looked at the details of what exactly it removed.

Turns out the malware in question is Endpoint Analytics.

That's Microsoft's own software allowing employers to monitor employee computers:

And according to Microsoft's own antivirus, it's #malware.

(U) Octopus are known for predicting football matches and punching Australian men in the face, two crucial aspects of the agency's mission. They are also use suckers to keep grip on their prey, which synergises with how and why we use taxpayer funds.

A little sinister.

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