JavaScript is not your friend. The internet shouldn’t know what device you are using.

@privacybrowser agreed. But on the development side... how does one write responsive web apps without having a way to check determine the device?

Its true that there are some valid use cases for JavaScript. Webtorrent and other useful webapps are examples of this. But these days people use JavaScript for everything, even for simple straight forward websites. Privacy browser is trying to combat this problem by blocking JS by default. It has a little button allowing the user to temporarily toggle JS on any website, so that websites that actually need JS could use it with user's consent.

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Also note that JavaScript isn't just an issue for privacy, it also takes up a lot of resources and makes the entire experience slow. A simple and minimal website without any JS will always perform better than one that includes JS and other fancy stuff in it.

@benjaminpaikjones Ultimately, if we want to get any sort of privacy on the internet, we need to get rid of the idea of building web apps.

“Another way of saying this is that I think the browser should be a limited client instead of a general computing platform. This philosophy is in direct opposition to that held by Google or Mozilla, who believe that the browser should be the operating system.”

@benjaminpaikjones This philosophy doesn’t make me popular with web developers. But I don’t see any other course that doesn’t involve some version of “Privacy doesn’t matter.”

I totally agree with your perspective on this. I will always prefer a local app on my device over any kind of web apps. Web apps are slow and inefficient compared to local apps. The only reason I would ever prefer a web app is when I wanna do something very simple and don't wanna install an entire app for that simple thing.

I can't believe there are things like electron, and people make apps using it 🤦

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