All the controls on this video work without JavaScript, including subtitle selection, which is pretty cool.

“In contrast to more aggressive solutions, Mozilla’s approach simply confines third-party cookies to individual websites rather than blocking them outright.”

I have blocked all third-party cookies for years and it has never caused a single problem.

I wrote a blog post about a blog post Mojeek wrote about Privacy Browser. It is blog post inception.

Because QtWebEngine exposes more cookie controls than Android’s WebView, Privacy Browser PC is shaping up to have much more sophisticated cookie controls than Privacy Browser Android currently has.

You don’t want your “private” search engine to have a paid relationship with an upstream non-private search engine for the same reason you don’t want your browser to have a paid relationship with your search engine: Because, sooner or later, that paid relationship will result in tracking.

I updated the WordPress theme of my website to the newly released Twenty Twenty-Two, which allowed me to get rid of JavaScript for the navigation menu.

This is trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. The only attribution that advertisers need is to track the number of hits their server sees on the URLs in their ads. If they see a lot of hits, then the ad campaign is working. I can’t imagine any world where it would be a good idea for advertisers to get any more information than that.

With the publication of the Privacy Browser PC Git repository, the URLs for Privacy Browser Android have been updated to reflect the difference between the two.

The codebase for Privacy Browser PC has been posted online. Currently it doesn’t do much, but I would expect development to progress quickly.

Among other things, it increases the attack surface of the browser, making bugs in other things (like Safari’s buggy IndexedDB implementation) exploitable.

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And the core reason why the browser market is ripe for disruption is because all the major browsers currently make their money by monetizing the search engine. Which means that they don’t make decisions in the best interests of users.

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