I switched the protocol used to clone Privacy Browser’s repository from Git to HTTPS to prevent MITM attacks.


I wrote a blog post about removing and disabling comments on some parts of my webpage with the purpose of directing them to the correct locations.


I wrote a blog post describing the requirements for a search engine to be included in Privacy Browser.


I wrote a blog post about the Referer header and how Privacy Browser interacts with it.


I wrote a blog post about an annoying bug that manifests in WebView’s handling of nested scrolling.


I wrote a blog post about the change in certificate signing by Let’s Encrypt and how it affects Privacy Browser.


Up to this point, Privacy Browser had used separate light and dark HTML and icon files for the Guide and About. These have now been combined into one set of global icon files and one set of HTML files per language.


My primary goal was to remove the need for double file editing, which became surprisingly time consuming as the number of languages increased. However, there is an added benefit that doing so shrunk the APK file size by 0.8 MiB.

As I receive questions on this topic from time to time, I posted a page explaining the syntax for the custom search URL.


I have written a blog post about the negative privacy implications of saving the instance state that was introduced in Privacy Browser 3.5.


The Dark Theme page has been updated with information about how things now work in the 3.5 release.


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