Put tmux on my machine. Going to have to get used to it. I like the panes so I can have multiple sessions going for development and stuff. Need to work out the styling of it. Can’t figure out the TPM stuff for some reason. Probably overlooking something simple. Any users help a newb out?


@j3ffjessie One of the most useful things I did to get used to tmux was remapping Caps lock key to Ctrl and change the prefix key to Ctrl+f in the config. Some people also prefer Ctrl+a. If you are used to the vim keys, you can also remap some navigation binds to use them - eg. `bind h select-pane -L`, `bind k select-pane -U`. I suggest just take a look at other people's configs or just search for a config and understand it and try to incorporate what you like into your own config.

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