Why haven't I heard about zoho.com all this time? Such a wonderful company based and bootstrapped in India, making some really good products! I am currently using their email hosting service and am liking it so far.

great OSINT analysis by Bellingcat: https://www.bellingcat.com/news/mena/2021/02/08/how-instagram-celebrities-promote-dubais-underground-animal-trade/

reminds me of one of my old posts on maintaining operational security on Instagram, especially these two points on things NOT to do:

Film live videos outside. Or try not to, if you can. You might unknowingly include information about your location: street signs, shops etc. These can be used to ascertain your current location.
Film live videos in places you visit often. This compromises your security at places you’re bound to be at.

full post here: https://icyphox.sh/blog/ig-opsec/

The urge to work on my projects, website, blog posts during the exam time is unreal!


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