Let's do what I have to do. Good rest is an anticapitalist individual action.

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Today was a funny day, but I studied for too long and my body response to it is bad.

The week has passed.

I haven't been out to excercise.

Now my muscles are on pain.

It is sunday and people at this house are spending too much energy complaining about work.

Can't they just enjoy a nice sunday?

Does anyone knows a good mobile for me to use Pleroma?

These gaps really make me anoyed, because FLOSS is a thing that I really care about.

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I was at a group conversation, then someone talked about being developer, then the theme became software. The only non-white person that understood the theme was me. The women there just waited until the conversation turned elsewhere.

From time to time I get myself thinking about racial and gender gaps in FLOSS community.

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computers are bullshit now. you buy a faster computer and it's slower

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"Why are you doubting science?"

"Well, because all science does is doubt itself"

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Please donate to FOSS software projects you really appreciate and enjoy.

And It is a lot more difficult for me to archive websites on archive.org. In my country many sites are unreliably maintained (including government's), so I archive a site whenever I like it or think that is important.

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I am getting along with a raspberry pi. I can write my literature, my science, my philosophy and my code. But I miss linux mint and I miss a good plataform to play TRPGs with my friends.

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Unenomploeyd right now, but I wish that I got at least a job to make 400 bucks and get a computer.

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Content Warning 

I felt you tense up a bit before you clicked this, so I'm giving you a break this time. I hope your September is better than your August.

I'm pulling for you ❤️😊

Chat with a friend 

"You are almost an anthropologist, you probably know better"

"Yeah, but you have read more texts about this than me. Even if it is anthropology, you know better"

"How would you know? How many texts on this have you read?"

"Only one"

"Ok. I have read a lot more than you"

I don't know about you all, but I am not afraid about people criticizing the software that I use. Actually, I think it is good when they do it.

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"I have never criticized the software that you use!"

"Too bad, because you really should"

For me, Microsoft Office's tools are so bad that even pirating it is not worth the time. It would be so simple to just just install Libre Office (which sucks less than Microsoft's) and get working. But no, "I only work with Microsoft".

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