"Uh, seems I cannot make this work. Would you help me?"

*Comes my friend and does exactly the same thing I have been doing, but works*

"Oh! Magician!"

I wish I could have back the mic I lend. It would help me a lot with that.

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And I have things that are really nice recorded. I don't know whether people think it is nice too, I still don't receive much feedback, but when I hear they sound really cool for me.

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I have a podcast for five months now.


I never thought I was capable of doing that alone.

End of day 2 been paid to work.


Well, it won't be easy. Time to make THAT EFFORT.

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Also, when I make enough to get a new main computer, I can use the old ones to play with home servers.

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Now I can think about a videogame!

I guess I will just repair my old Playstation 2 and burn some DVDs to play. I like the games a lot and I don't really wanna spend much.

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I got a think to make money of!

Shitty computers that I possess, your days as main have come to an end!

No stores are open in the weekend, so I gotta wait until monday to get a decent PSU.

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A friend brought me a computer. The first thing it does when I turn on is inutilize the PSU.

I cannot wait for my friend to bring me a computer this week.

First of all: Linux Mint
Second of all: watch some movies!

I do have a raspberry pi zero in which I write and code. But now I will be able to make a video conference from the computer, so amazing!

Also, I can play CDs again. Yeah!

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"It is ten years old... "

"Don't care. An old computer is better than none"

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"Dude, I have a computer for you"

Unexpected, but such a beautiful phrase given my context!

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Ei Fosstodon, essa mensagem vai em português para fazer um "censo" dos usuários da instância. Se vocês lerem isso por favor boost para espalharmos pela instância.

If you are an English speaking user of Fosstodon, please do boost it. It's really for portuguese speakers, but if you could boost it will extend the reach of this poll. Thanks.

Flirting with yourself is good for your health.

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Sometimes I see photos of myself and be like "Hi, gorgeous! How are you doing?"

My Internet crush sent me a photo and because of that I saw that he has a mug with VIm logo.

Am I in love?

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