I also made an alternate squeekboard package.
This package replaces the default US layouts with the terminal layouts.
It also always shows tab and esc, regardless of orientation or scaling.

Package: mediafire.com/file/jei8npg4oc5

Source: gitlab.com/preflex/squeekboard

I fixed a few nuisances in mobile-config-firefox.

It no longer forces blank page for new tabs (I find the quick links to oft-visited sites convenient). With the original package, this behavior cannot be changed in preferences or about:config

It also sends the default user agent string instead of Android. This way, you can use an extension to manage user agents if you like.

source: gitlab.com/preflex/mobile-conf

package for arch or manjaro: bit.ly/3yOKWdk

@Tay0 No problem at all on T-Mobile in the US. No need to contact customer service. I just pulled the sim out of my Pixel and popped it in my Pinephone.

@thriftygamer83 Have you set up JACK over pipewire? If so, do you like it?


@urusan Well, as far as I can tell, they're not equivalent or related.

It's possible to feel certain that there are no gods, while still claiming intense spirituality.

Many Buddhists are atheists or agnostics, but few would describe them as "spiritually minimalist".

@postmarketOS Congratulations! I guess I picked the right day to try it again on my PMOS edition pinephone after using Arch for the last few months.

@linmob Thanks! That was very helpful. I'd been wanting to try out the new stuff, but I was a bit wary of the murky instructions.

I followed your guide, and everything worked! You rock!

@liam_reilly The last time I got a call from them I pretended my computer was "running slow" and "updating" and "rebooting" while I spent 20 minutes installing a fresh, sandboxed Windows VM for him to play with.

Then, I set the wallpaper to Goatse and let him in.

He screamed "asshole!" and hung up on me.

Then I deleted the VM.

Bad Code 

@urusan @cyberfarmer

That code is also not good, because of the 32-bit time_t.

But it handles the menus reasonably well.

Bad Code 

@urusan @cyberfarmer

Here's a fairly simple program that uses the OneButton library and state tracking to handle a multi-level menu.

It's not worried about CPU usage though.


Bad Code 

@urusan @cyberfarmer


in short:
attachInterrupt(BUTTON_A, ClickedA, HIGH);
//do stuff

void ClickedA(){
AButtonClicked = true;

Bad Code 

@urusan @cyberfarmer

Do _not_ attach interrupts to clicks in setup() unless you want everything to go haywire.

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