I also made an alternate squeekboard package.
This package replaces the default US layouts with the terminal layouts.
It also always shows tab and esc, regardless of orientation or scaling.

Package: mediafire.com/file/jei8npg4oc5

Source: gitlab.com/preflex/squeekboard

I fixed a few nuisances in mobile-config-firefox.

It no longer forces blank page for new tabs (I find the quick links to oft-visited sites convenient). With the original package, this behavior cannot be changed in preferences or about:config

It also sends the default user agent string instead of Android. This way, you can use an extension to manage user agents if you like.

source: gitlab.com/preflex/mobile-conf

package for arch or manjaro: bit.ly/3yOKWdk

Dynamic lighting based on pitch, amplitude, gryo and accelerometer using neopixel strip around body. Many modes. Includes Judas Priest guitar-wave detection, and Death-Metal Mode.

Built-in tuner using neopixel ring for visualization.

Virtual whammy-bar / theremin using ultrasonic distance measurement.

BME temp/humidity/pressure sensor for safe storage.

GPS for recovery if stolen.

Sprays fake blood from Oderus' mouth on button press.

MIDI output.

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Semi-idle hands are the Devil's work-in-progress.

1981 Vantage VA-900B "Devil Bass" Undergoing heavy Satanic modification.

Ugly hack of the day: mucking with the phosh source code so that can_dock is always TRUE.

A cleaner hack would be to rip out any references to it because there is no good reason to ever disable the switch.

Up next: un-sucking rotation.


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