@go @inhosin is it feasible to adapt the same model for firefox based browsers

@arunisaac all ok but ur observation seems to defame more about Indian food culture than glorifying theirs. Also note that ours is more diversified than any other country.

@vu3rdd how do you configure emacs as IDE for haskell.

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Write Freely is free and open source software for starting a minimalist, federated blog — or an entire community. writefreely.org

@junocomputers their package management does not allow us complete uninstall

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Is there a way to transform all this into an extension so Firefox can be made safer for everyone?


middle click to open new tabs is not working am I too late to report this

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I'm surprised more people don't use JavaFX for desktop GUI applications. It's cross-platform, very flexible and it's a mature (or at least maturing) library. Plus you get all of the niceties that come with Java projects like build tools, large ecosystem of libraries.

I know that Java has the common conception of being "slow", but it really hasn't been bad in recent JDK releases.

@emielregis already using it along with sparky but for each release I have to remove a lot of packages just to retain my setup

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@schestowitz a community driven initiatives is the way forward. Also things like GraalVM should me taken as community initiatives

@druonysus I think it applies as long as you use Oracle's JDK there is OpenJDK which is FOSS

According to my belief "Brahman" is a state where people achieve it by learning or doing some good which in turn useful to a society.Later we(society) ourselves converted that as a cast. We started to bury our own grave by intorducing cast

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Friendly reminder to everyone on Fosstodon - this is an English-speaking instance, so we would request that all Toots be posted in English please.

This isn't because we don't like other languages, but our staff can only speak English, so there is no way of moderating posts in other languages.

Unfortunately, we will need to remove any non-English posts we discover. We're sorry if this causes any frustration with our awesome members. 👍

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