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its not fair to run a with the only objective of making your organization popular and use the attendees as your potential recruit

I promise "if" i understand monad one fine day I "won't" write a tutorial blog post and that doesn't mean I may not understand it forever

why books on gumroad are so damn costly

its really hurting to see IDEs other than , are struggling to sustain cos of proper support from community

இது என் முதல் டூட் , வளர்க பெடிவெர்ஸ்

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.social is spammed by lot of toots most of which are porn. I always endup blocking as many as instances than reading toots

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If you want to monitor your #Java #Spring app and don't want to pay for any application monitor tools, I highly recommend to use Spring Boot Actuator.

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do community accept if it create a miniature version of in on my timeline ur opinions pls ...

openup new world of opportunities coupled with the possibilities are endless

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GNU Social, Mastodon, Pleroma, pixelfed, zinat wow. ActivityPub is gaining momentum. I am happy 😀

is there any messaging alternative to whatsapp, telegram in @tshrinivasan @prashere

is it possible to censor contents at a instance level in suppose I dont want see any racial,political or promotional news how do we remove from our local timeline.

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History bit: people stayed in touch with their friends long before FB, before the Internet, before phones... You don't need FB, you don't need Mastodon, you don't need anything.

The only thing you actually *need* to stay in touch with your friends & family is the will to do so. Where's the will, there's a way.

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Gmail, Microsoft, Yahoo - all of them allow third-party apps to read your emails:

Tutanota would never do this. We respect your privacy with automatic encryption to stop anyone from snooping on your private emails! Protect your mailbox now: