According to my belief "Brahman" is a state where people achieve it by learning or doing some good which in turn useful to a society.Later we(society) ourselves converted that as a cast. We started to bury our own grave by intorducing cast

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Friendly reminder to everyone on Fosstodon - this is an English-speaking instance, so we would request that all Toots be posted in English please.

This isn't because we don't like other languages, but our staff can only speak English, so there is no way of moderating posts in other languages.

Unfortunately, we will need to remove any non-English posts we discover. We're sorry if this causes any frustration with our awesome members. 👍

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So @mike just pinged me to inform me that we missed Fosstodon's 1st birthday!

On 01st August we became 1 year old. As I understand it, that's quite old for a Mastodon instance. Hopefully it will be the first of many, as we go from strength to strength.

started to accept that is better than for Python development any opinions folks 😩

fellow wannabes if you are using with on install libtinfo-dev package

any ubuntu distro which comes with as default

No way!! I would never accept @imVkohli as a captain he just plays for his own record like DOT

I there any good resources to learn on lambda calculus wiht excercises and answers.

I'm reading @haskellbook got stuck in lambda calculus. Now I feel I missed to learn many basic things though I can code in .

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gubeer moment - just saw someone linkedin profile desc saying "Home maker at Home"

friends on my timeline from recommend some good fountain pens tried many not feeling satisfied

I think a peculiar thing going on in community people who left from say that is hard and those who work for and say its not as hard as its perceived.

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The open source real life meetup platform @GetTogetherComm has quite a few groups already:

If you want to just see groups near you, go to the instance's front page at:

You can also set up your own group. (Unlike there are no charges on #GetTogether.)

At the moment groups are mainly about computing, but there's no restriction on the topics a group can cover.

#MeetUps #Meetings #Gatherings #GetTogethers #DeleteMeetup #IRL #RealLife

its not fair to run a with the only objective of making your organization popular and use the attendees as your potential recruit

I promise "if" i understand monad one fine day I "won't" write a tutorial blog post and that doesn't mean I may not understand it forever

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