@fosstodon are there and Android alternatives for tablet. I am looking to root my kindle tablet.

Boost appreciated.

@pranav @fosstodon the only one that comes to my mind is the nexus 2013 tablet that can run Ubuntu Touch and also the upcoming pinetab that will also support ubuntu touch 🤔

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Maybe take a look at the XDA-Thread of your tablet model and scroll trough the ROM section. I even found an Android Oreo ROM for my Xiaomi MiPad1 (not the most widespread tablet model).
Watch out in the ROM features for 'signature spoofing'. You can easily run MicroG with this, to be more independent from Google, if the Fdroid Store isn't enough for you or you relay an other Google Framework features to run certain app

@swedneck @pranav @fosstodon does anybody know a estimated price? I might be interested if it is in my birthday gift price range.

Free replacements for the Android operating system are come by if you have a specific device in mind. You have to root your device, install a new ROM, etc. And many devices require many nonfree blobs for your system to operate.

If you want a mostly free operating system for Android, LineageOS is your best bet. Replicant is the fully free fork, but it is very unlikely to work on your device.

Good luck rooting! Please say how it turns out.

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I'm trying out LineageOS, but I don't remember seeing support for Kindle tablets. Between that and Amazon's (non) eco transparency, I think I'm going to stay away from the Kindles.
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