My journey towards de-googling.

1 Reader - Feedly (any alternative suggestions are welcome )

2 Gmail - Proton Mail ( really happy with it so no suggestions necessary ).

3 Calendar - Don't really use it. Still prefer paper and pencil.

4 Search - duckduckgo.:duckduckgo:

5 Android - Cannot change 😭

6 Photos - Cannot find any alternative.😫

7 Google assistant - I am guilty of really enjoying the helpful features. But the privacy concerns worry me. Help!!!

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Any open source dialler app for Android which can show full screen contact ?

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What would happen to a society in which no one had to work, and everyone was provided enough food/water/shelter/healthcare for free?

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Anyone got a good decentralized solution to search engine-ing?

Like something I can just run on my raspberrypi and use as a personal google?

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Nice quote regarding DRM:

“So should the burden of proof be on you? Do you place your trust in someone who doesn’t trust you?”

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If you come across a post looking for recommendations for applications/extensions/whatever and you dislike or disagree with one of the options presented:

Please offer an explanation and information as to why you don't like it and/or don't trust it.

Sharing factual information about that piece of software not being good is much more helpful than a cheap quip about how "that app is bad and you should feel bad"

I do not understand the use for this app. I already use , though pie has rendered it a bit useless now, which stops apps.
On the question of added privacy due to sandboxing, will it open the apps directly in the Island. It would be great if someone explains it to me.
Oh and the FOSS alternative to it is
Shelter (Isolate your Big Brother Apps / Multiple Accounts) -

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@pranav @jdb @codesections @atomcan I have a love-hate relationship with e-readers.

I hate the centralization, I hate that you often pay as much for a book you can't lend to anyone or transfer to a different company's device, as for a physical copy that can be lent, given or resold.

I love that my kindle is tiny, it holds ridiculous numbers of books and documents, and that I can read it nearly as comfortably as a real book -- better in some ways because it's light and buttons are one-handed.

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I had to block some external instances on shared hosting.

Here is why and how that can be reverted:

This was a tricky decision but couldn't think of a better solution.

If you have any suggestions, please do let me know.

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If you're the admin of any of the instances listed below, you may wanna look at this link from @mastohost, as they had to block your instance.

Please c/p, as boosts won't work due to the blocking. 👍

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USB Flasher
Password Manager
Markdown Editor
Screen Video/Gif Recorder

UberWriter and Peek are available on flathub
Etcher and Bitwarden are available as AppImages

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@klaatu @pranav when it comes to DEs, all UI have been substandard. That's why I use #ratpoison.

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📗 New episode of the series From Rust to beyond 🚀!

Episode 3, The ASM.js galaxy,

In this episode, we explore how to compile Rust to ASM.js as a fallback to WASM and to parse 6x faster than JS!

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I have a couple of Audible credits and now I'm looking to use them and need suggestions:

I am looking for a mellow listen, something that doesn't require too much thinking without being too vapid.

Like historical detective stories (Bernie Gunther novels for example, noir like stories) or good scifi like Lock In by Scalzi.

Do you have any good ideas?

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@pranav One superb project that way which solves an interesting problem is Transporter by @bleakgrey .

It's a GUI for Magic Wormhole on elementary OS, and I really think every operating system should have one!

A good UI is make or break for me. Can you people suggest open source products with good UI?
E.g. elementary os

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