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Little present for the holidays, the very first ! 🎙️🎁😁

Let us know what you think, and send us questions and feedback with the same hashtag. Enjoy!

osk-sdl 0.61 has been released with two amazing new features from Can you spot them?

Time and again people ask us how to donate to . Now the paper work is done, you can have at it. This and more in the new post:

@PINE64 was first to use that new infrastructure to donate $10 for every sold PinePhone postmarketOS CE edition.

Huge thanks to PINE64 and to YOU if you bought one of them!

Thank you @dylanvanassche for improving the reliability of receiving SMS and calls on the running during suspend/sleep!

These improvements were merged into the 'edge' postmarketOS branch a few hours ago, and are available now for those running 'edge'!

KDE and @PINE64 Introduce the PinePhone - KDE Community edition.

Experience the future of KDE's open mobile platform here:

Finally! I got @postmarketOS with running on the BQ Aquaris X5.

Things learned on the way: Don't use pmbootstrap install (without the --sdcard option) on a ZFS system, it may fail inexplicably. Flash with pmbootstrap flasher flash_rootfs with the --partition-userdata option on this device. Never give up!

Also, the standard kernel does lack touchscreen support, but there is an image on the issue tracker that can be booted with fastboot.

Keyboard tiny, but really fast!

Major performance improvements coming to the thanks to work by Ondrej Jirman (megi).
Video shows UI performance of
@kde on
@postmarketOS, but the fix will benefit all OSes.

...also the early adopters version can be used with postmarketOS now, and the installation instructions were updated:

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The allwinner kernel (, ) was updated to megi's 5.9.1 tree in edge. Lots of great improvements, including the long-awaited HDMI fix, improved call quality (thx smaeul!), and no 30s wait for modem on shutdown. @PINE64

The first photo taken on a that's focussed.

Now I have a WIP kernel branch with OV5640 autofocus working

When you install a new app on your smartphone this way, something smells really good.

New megapixels is now on stable builds, this is the update that makes it faster

Adventures of porting postmarketOS to the Librem 5

"I’ve been longing to drop the shackles of Android ever since I made the decision to stop using my Nokia N900. Nokia had given up on Linux phones, and it was clear that there would be no further security patches for my favorite smartphone of all time. "

Guest post by @craftyguy

#privacy #freedom #security

Got some speedups in the megapixels app for the

This is with the rear camera running at 1080p, it can also do 5MP but that halves the framerate.

Tux is posing in his big shoe for the @PINE64 camera on . Oh and the selfie cam works too! It's a bit slow and needs more work of course, but from @martijnbraam is a good start. It's in postmarketOS edge in a few hours, and in ~1 day on stable.

#PlasmaBigscreen on your #postmarketOS device, soon this can be a reality! I have a #Pine64 A64LTS outputting it to my TV.

Still some work to do, like getting remote control working, but it's getting there. And yes, this is with #MyCroft integration!

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