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The first edition has been arriving into people's hands, including some of our developers!

Have you received yours yet, how has your experience been with it so far? Remember to update your system as the first thing you do!

@martijnbraam's pmOS CE install video starts with factory quality testing/flashing and shows the first run experience at 2:30 with the on-device installer.

Since the final rootfs, the on-device installer rootfs and the factory rootfs all run postmarketOS, this became a beautiful three layer cake of postmarketOS images. 🍰 😁

@Lofenyy @PINE64 from "Estimate dispatch in late August, 2020"

Fresh from the factory: the first backcovers of the postmarketOS Community Edition!

If you've missed the announcement about our collaboration with @PINE64, read all about it here:

Starting from today @kde team have decided to provide you with a weekly updates about things happening in the project! Is the first blog post in this series, and it is quite packed with all the awesome stuff!

Don't miss the Video of @postmarketOS developer @martijnbraam assembling the @PINE64 device. Which have a sneak preview of . or video showing current state of on @purism Librem 5 Development kit!

Thank you!

drebrez got a 5.1.0 kernel (with minor patching) running on the Galaxy Nexus - and he started with nothing but forced reboots and kernel panics, then worked his way up to the display and earphone audio!

It's time to grab your favorite drink and celebrate this tale and a lot more with us in the two years of postmarketOS blog post:

The team, lead by @bshah, have just concluded their first sprint, and the progress they made there is amazing!

It's so good to see the community growing! What used to be more or less a 1.5 men project now has a proper team of volunteers as well as paid contributors, coming from KDE and other mobile FOSS communities, working on everything from hardware support to essential applications.

With that pace, an "end-user-ready" state feels within reach!

⚠️ Heads-up: the is considering ways to regulate software that runs on radio-enabled devices due concerns about interferences.
Some of their solutions could significantly harm , but also related project such as , and (among others).

The initiative is now seeking feedback, don't hesitate to send them yours! It seems that Non-eu citizens can contribute as well. There's not much time left, so act quickly!

Hello World! Unfortunately went down so we moved to Framapiaf. Take note of this new official #UBports account and follow us now to get the latest news about #UbuntuTouch and #Unity8!

I just updated the screenshots page of the #PlasmaMobile website. See what has been added and improved during the #sprint:

If you're interested in , check out @bshah who is live-tooting from the Plasma Mobile sprint currently happening in Berlin

It hasn't been 24 hours since the end of #FOSDEM and #PlasmaMobile developers have already made there way from Brussels to Berlin for a week-long development sprint. Expect great things!

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