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⚠️ Heads-up: the is considering ways to regulate software that runs on radio-enabled devices due concerns about interferences.
Some of their solutions could significantly harm , but also related project such as , and (among others).

The initiative is now seeking feedback, don't hesitate to send them yours! It seems that Non-eu citizens can contribute as well. There's not much time left, so act quickly!

Hello World! Unfortunately went down so we moved to Framapiaf. Take note of this new official #UBports account and follow us now to get the latest news about #UbuntuTouch and #Unity8!

I just updated the screenshots page of the #PlasmaMobile website. See what has been added and improved during the #sprint:

If you're interested in , check out @bshah who is live-tooting from the Plasma Mobile sprint currently happening in Berlin

It hasn't been 24 hours since the end of #FOSDEM and #PlasmaMobile developers have already made there way from Brussels to Berlin for a week-long development sprint. Expect great things!

@bshah and me published our blog post on the progress and plans the #PlasmaMobile team made at #Akademy2018!

Thanks to the sponsors and the @kde for organizing this great conference!

Soo...we already reached the 100 follower mark 🤗
As a thank you, we've got something special for you: the slides from the talk.
Check out here:

Hey, what's up? We can proudly announce to you that pmOS is now up on mastodon!

The #Fairphone is a nice little device. I like its modularity and that it is built to last.

A lot of things can run on it: #LineageOS, #Sailfish, #UBPorts, #PostmarketOS, ... as well as Fairphone's own libre OS.

I will definitely try out a few of them, it'll be fun.

@Fairphone @UBports

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