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The #Fairphone is a nice little device. I like its modularity and that it is built to last.

A lot of things can run on it: #LineageOS, #Sailfish, #UBPorts, #PostmarketOS, ... as well as Fairphone's own libre OS.

I will definitely try out a few of them, it'll be fun.

@Fairphone @UBports

Finally got my on Friday. Tested and . The latter is already quite usable (if you can ignore that the recommended option currently is XFCE, which is not really touch-friendly).
So I decided to turn back to Fremantle for now (which still gets fixes from CSSU btw) and keep an eye on the development of both PMOS and ML. Will use it as a rock solid rockbox player for the time being. This thing even reads my big sdcard :)

Oh damn! Another Linux (non-Android) based mobile OS!

Alpine Linux based. Some folks are already getting it to work on the RPi!


Introduction to postmarketOS, a touch-optimized, pre-configured mobile OS based on Alpine Linux with own packages, to be installed on smartphones later on --> #Linux #mobile #Alpine #postmarketOS #smartphones


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