@nipos Normally I'd say you have to port it yourself, as everyone just ports what they have and like and we can't do things for devices we don't own, but reading your other toot it seems you've already started porting it, good work! Hopefully we can soon see the port merged to the pmaports tree!

When you install a new app on your smartphone this way, something smells really good.

@nipos @bleakgrey hey this is a known issue, we're working on a fix but sadly it isn't easy. The best way to get it running on your machine however is using the Alpine dev tools to make a proper package out of it. You can then even upstream it to the Alpine repositories so others can benefit from ot too!

New megapixels is now on stable builds, this is the update that makes it faster

@MatejLach I'm not blaming systemd maintainers, I'm just explaining why we can't use even if we wanted too.

Yes suspend currently isn't triggered on button press but I'd say that is being worked on and "just use systemd" to fix that problem would cause a whole bunch of other problems for us. Again, I have nothing against systemd, I just wanted to make clear that not using it doesn't mean we're automatically doing something bad and that we can't use it even if we wanted too

@MatejLach "insisting" is just wrong. First of all that implies that not using systemd would be wrong, which is very much subjective and a highly controversial thing to state.

Secondly, it's literally not possible because systemd doesn't compile with Musl and interest has no interest whatsoever in fixing that or maintaining support for that in the future.

Adventures of porting postmarketOS to the Librem 5

"I’ve been longing to drop the shackles of Android ever since I made the decision to stop using my Nokia N900. Nokia had given up on Linux phones, and it was clear that there would be no further security patches for my favorite smartphone of all time. "


Guest post by @craftyguy

#privacy #freedom #security

@cyndnEO @trinukso @PINE64 haha nur iomete. Mi komencis lerni Esperanton cirkaux du jaroj, sed mi nur skribas kaj legas gxin, ne parolas gxin

Got some speedups in the megapixels app for the

This is with the rear camera running at 1080p, it can also do 5MP but that halves the framerate.

Tux is posing in his big shoe for the @PINE64 camera on . Oh and the selfie cam works too! It's a bit slow and needs more work of course, but from @martijnbraam is a good start. It's in postmarketOS edge in a few hours, and in ~1 day on stable.

@strypey gnome-podcasts should do the trick.

Btw it's , all lower-case except for "OS" 😉

@Horizon_Innovations Ah vlc is a bit interesting, the default package misses the UI components. You need to install "vlc-qt" for the UI.

We know it's strange, we should probably fix that at some point 😜

@Lofenyy We removed Hildon because no one was maintaining it, but it's a set of software that's constantly being developed and thus needs maintenance. Besides we were still missing a lot which someone would have to put work in to package, and just nobody did.

If someone steps up to package and maintain everything we're glad to accept it back, but so far no one has done so. I'm sorry but you can not complain without knowing the reasons for the issue and not be willing to do something about it.

@Lofenyy @linmob @adz Uh, not entirely sure why you're getting angry. Like I said, it's simply not possible to use glibc or PureOS repositories on postmarketOS, as much as anyone might want it. If you want glibc, you have to compile every package in the entirety of Alpine and postmarketOS to use it instead of Musl, that's just not doable.

@Horizon_Innovations I feel sad reading this 😢
Do note that even though GNOME Software doesn't show any applications on the first page (due to a bug, we're working on it), that doesn't mean there is nothing available. You can search for any package using the search function and it'll show up just fine, assuming it's in the repositories of course.

@Lofenyy @linmob @adz Impossible to say as it really depends on the amount of contributors willing to help out.

@Lofenyy @linmob @adz Because that's just not at all possible. They don't just use different software repositories, they use a different package manager altogether. You can't just mix and match them.
And also having glibc next to Musl is just not possible, they are not meant to be ran next to each other and have conflicting files and functionality.

There are already thousands of packages available on pmOS, and if you miss any you can request them to be packaged or package it yourself

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