Podcatcher has a lot of potential on mobile, as shown by WIP patches from tpikonen. :git: Thanks to @h3nn3s you can give it a try on edge: wiki.postmarketos.org/wiki/gPo

Here is the second episode of the : Roadmap, daily driving and how to help. Now even with a legacy MP3 feed for people stuck on Apple. 😉

osk-sdl 0.61 has been released with two amazing new features from @h3nn3s:fosstodon.org. Can you spot them?

Tux is posing in his big shoe for the @PINE64 camera on . Oh and the selfie cam works too! It's a bit slow and needs more work of course, but from @martijnbraam is a good start. It's in postmarketOS edge in a few hours, and in ~1 day on stable.

Highly recommended read for all the new CE owners, with lots of new important and helpful sections written recently: postmarketos.org/intro-phosh 📗 📝

The first edition has been arriving into people's hands, including some of our developers!

Have you received yours yet, how has your experience been with it so far? Remember to update your system as the first thing you do!

Fresh from the factory: the first backcovers of the postmarketOS Community Edition!

If you've missed the announcement about our collaboration with @PINE64, read all about it here: postmarketos.org/blog/2020/07/


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