We are considering to move postmarketOS to SourceHut:

(Please read the full blog post instead of just commenting based on the headline 😉)

@codeberg @cybercow @postmarketOS are there any plans (or more info, timelines, etc) available wrt CI at codeberg?

Most information can be found here:

There's no real schedule. The "closed beta" isn't really an issue with #WoodpeckerCI, the software itself is working fine. But our resources regarding infrastructure and setup are limited, and we don't yet want to make any promises regarding this specific service. We haven't seen significant outages recently, though.

@cybercow @postmarketOS

Given the close relationship between @postmarketOS and Alpine Linux, is using Alpine infrastructure (GitLab + SouceHut mailing list) an option? SourceHut is designed for the ease of migration so it would not be an issue to move to another instance in the future, I am just looking forward to seeing more instances. In addition, has there been a discussion on hosting more SourceHut microservices on

sourcehut is basically a one-man show. On his whim or failure the whole thing could collapse. Also that individual has been very toxic in the past. Are you sure you want to put all your eggs in that basket?


Are you sure you do not prefer to make your comments in the discussion ticket that pmos opened for this topic instead of having your argument lost in social media threads/walls of text. Link to the ticket is at the end of the blogpost.


I'm sure those making the decision will see it. Anyway, it sounds like they've already made up their minds.


If they had already made up their minds do you think #pmos would have bothered to make the blogpost, the podcast with their arguments and opening the discussion and _asking_ for feedback on this idea, and mentioning in the blogpost that they can backtrack on it?

TL;DR if you actually have a contribution and arguments for this debate, make a comment on the ticket and read the arguments in the blogpost first.
instead if just making posts in a social media.



Also as a disclaimer: I am not a member or user of #pmos project.

Simply got triggered with:

- A project makes an effort to start an online debate and present their arguments to start the debbate
- then people assuming the decision is already made for


Instead of speculating that "the decision is already made" on social media
How about checking for yourself if that speculative idea of your is true or not by actually participating in the debate.


I'm not a contributor so my opinion doesn't carry much weight. I'm OK with that. I just hate to see them make a bad decision.

For the record: Drew Devault is a brilliant dude. He's made some brilliant things. He's just a one-man show and he's been a bit of a jerk in the past. I wouldn't spit in his ear if his brain was on fire. He earned that.

@Tay0 @postmarketOS I can’t speak to the person’s past performance but when I went to the site I did notice they are very clear it is in alpha status. That would give me pause as my main repo for a production system.

@postmarketOS @jvalleroy Just curious: How does sending patches deal with signed commits? Asking as someone who likes to sign all his commits.


“In 2022, many developers are now used to the merge request / pull request submit and review workflow via web UI. On SourceHut, developers are supposed to send patches via git send-email.”

This is embarrassing.

Please choose well-run independent GitLab oder Gitea instance instead. I heard good things about Codeberg which runs Gitea.

Or reconsider self-hosting. I run two GitLab instances and it is not much hassle. Gitea is said to be even easier to host.


What is embarrassing about git send-email it is used by one of the largest FOSS projects out there, the linux kernel?

Also sourcehut has a webinterface to submit the patches.


@joao @postmarketOS

Git was created for that project. What works for them does not necessarily work for other projects.


Do you realize that the argument you just posted is much more informative and contributes better to a debate on what tool to use than a simple:

"This is embarrassing"

That is a nice online rant but not really an argument.


@postmarketOS it would be good to tell #gitlab that it's because of their pricing changes that you are moving to a new forge.
I'm planning on hosting my own instance, but my group has one more active user. It would carry more weight if more projects moved from gitlab because of their changes.

On a similar note, it's a pity gitlab isn't present on the fediverse...

@loveisgrief @postmarketOS it's not the pricing changes, per se. it's that gitlab is driving users to use and rely on the proprietary parts of their service. we're perfectly capable of paying for hosting somewhere, but we don't want to pay for non-free hosting services (or get them for "free" as we are right now with gitlab's OSS program)

I see. Well, #gitlab should know why, I think. If they don't change, they'll be rendered obsolete, which would be a pity. @postmarketOS

@loveisgrief @postmarketOS my experience trying to contact #gitlab is terrible. But I've only tried email and IRC.

In this case, I wouldn't expect a response. Just a message to e.g or a tweet to make it public and that's that. I don't have a twitter account but I assume somebody in the team does

@postmarketOS I read the whole thing. While I am not currently a contributor to #PostmarketOS it sounds like a good plan.


if Drew *actually* implements web-based review, then SourceHut would probably be a significant improvement over current forges -- assuming that it isn't tied to mailing lists in some clunky way.

until then, SourceHut is "the hacker's forge" but only for some hackers.


I would strongly consider waiting to see how that review system gets built out before actually committing to this plan, personally.

@ariadne @postmarketOS we aren't committing to move, our plan includes a lot of "wait and see", and if some of the web UI stuff doesn't pan out then I don't think we'll be moving.

We will be trying it out with just 1 repo, mainly so we can get a better handle on what other areas might need improvement before committing fully to moving. This is all explained in the blog and podcast linked above 😄

After reading their blog post and the forum thread, I totally agree. They are shooting themselves in the foot, and they don't care. Based off what they apparently did with their starter plan, they have done something similar, and didn't care that they lost income and customers. So I totally agree with this decision. I am not looking forward to the day Gitlab kills of their only product on accident.

@postmarketOS I hope you also consider making a forum. Too many questions get left unanswered in the Matrix chat

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