@postmarketOS When do you think the Pinephone Pro will go into stable?

If the answer is “when it’s ready”, then how long did it take for the Pinephone to get into stable? I guess it’ll be similar enough for the PPP

@Logical_Error @postmarketOS we try to avoid putting devices into stable until we're at a state where we don't have to forcefully break installs on update. This figures out the boot story for the ppp so is a major step for getting it in stable

@postmarketOS So will flashing #TowBoot to the SPI currently stop other distros from booting?

I like the idea of TowBoot. I like postmarketOS. I just want to be able to use other distros as well! (specifically #Manjaro and #Mobian)

@Blort Nope, it can chainload any u-boot installed by other distros so they'll continue booting just fine. However behind the scenes we have been talking with most distros and they'll soon all switch over to requiring Tow-Boot (or any UEFI-compatible platform firmware)

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