Thanks to all our listeners who stuck with us for ten episodes already! 🥳

Besides the fancy on setup shown in the picture, this time on :

* (you guessed it, on wayland!)
* /
* msm-firmware-loader
* new postmarketos-mkinitfs / boot-deploy

@postmarketOS FWIW if you would enable Value4Value at , then people could voluntarily stream you some BTC per minute ;)

@postmarketOS Laughed at the replay with @proycon . I think you can also find me saying we won't support wayland during our alpineconf presentation. Shoutout to @stacy for proving how easy it would be to support both X and Wayland!

@anjan @postmarketOS @proycon @stacy

ha right, that was even more recent! I guess you can redact that at next year's alpineconf then and show the glorious wayland based version 😀

@postmarketOS I may not have been able to mainline my device, but I still enjoy postmarketOS. Cheers on 10 episodes!

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