In an effort to promote the use of open and FOSS platforms rather than proprietary and locked down ones, as postmarketOS we created our own community on Lemmy!
Please join us in making it an awesome FOSS and federated alternative to our subreddit!

@postmarketOS Just to warn you, Lemmy is a pro-fascist project. Prob should look for something else :/

@Sylphox @postmarketOS I think you have mistaken Lemmy for Gab or Parler. The main Lemmy instance is pretty well moderated and @dessalines, the Lemmy maintainer, admins the !socialism community, so I don't think he would maintain a pro-fascist project…

@nawordar I haven't sadly, They have been denying any genecide in China and being pro China :(

Isn't a federated platform per se immune to being dominated from one particular direction?

@Sylphox @postmarketOS is a lousy instance for sure, but calling #Antifa ppl "pro-fascist" isn't the most accurate phrasing. In any case, #postmarketOS should find a different instance.

@resist1984 @Sylphox @postmarketOS I don't even think they're anti-fascist. from memory, the guy who made Lemmy uses the name of a tankie that calls everyone he doesn't like "left anti communists" as a name on reddit, and has approximately a hundred pages of "megacomments" on why China is socialist or something about as delusional.

@noslebadlorah @resist1984 @Sylphox @postmarketOS explain how we're not antifacist.

This post has been pinned to the top of the default community since the BLM protests started: and we have been removing facist content as we find them. is one of the more frequented communities.

Communism and antifacist are not mutually exclusive and almost all comminists/marxist-lenninists are antifacist, so try another argument.

@AgreeableLandscape @resist1984 @Sylphox @postmarketOS I hope distancing oneself from Marxist Leninists does not require any more evidence.

@noslebadlorah @resist1984 @Sylphox @postmarketOS You know what antifa means right? It's anti-fascism. It also doesn't have an organization behind it that dictates who's antifa and who isn't. Marxist-Lenninist ideology is the polar opposite of fascism so why would they not be antifa?

@postmarketOS Nice to see more Lemmy options/mindshare, hopefully it does well for your community!

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