Tux is posing in his big shoe for the @PINE64 camera on . Oh and the selfie cam works too! It's a bit slow and needs more work of course, but from @martijnbraam is a good start. It's in postmarketOS edge in a few hours, and in ~1 day on stable.

@postmarketOS @PINE64 @martijnbraam I thought about researching how it would be to run OpenCL noise reduction or how to do raw image processing in general.
These pictures remind me of my older smartphones where filter algorithms weren't as advanced as more recently.

@tammiii @postmarketOS @PINE64 These images are with all the noise reduction disabled in the camera, because the in-sensor noise reduction makes it a blurry mess.

@martijnbraam @postmarketOS @PINE64 i see. I'm talking what if one grabbed the raw image and let an NLmeans implementation have a go at it.
I would like to experiment with that as soon as my phone arrives

@tammiii @postmarketOS @PINE64 that would be cool, I couldn't really find any AI noise reducers for photos, only the optix noise reducer for 3D renders which doesn't seem to work at all for this.

@martijnbraam @postmarketOS @PINE64 NLmeans is a pure algorithm and has been reimplemented quite a few times. Which is why it should be a good place to look at.

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