The first edition has been arriving into people's hands, including some of our developers!

Have you received yours yet, how has your experience been with it so far? Remember to update your system as the first thing you do!

@postmarketOS wow that seems pretty fast to me. I wonder how long it will take to arrive in Germany.

Mine in the US is set to arrive Thursday. Super excited. Got some wild ideas in mind.

@postmarketOS Mine arrived today. Didn't unpack it, yet.Thanks for reminding me to update immediately.

@postmarketOS Mine just arrived! Excited to play with this more and hopefully contribute, but here are some bumps I hit in the first few minutes:

When setting PIN, on-screen keyboard pops up the digit you're pressing just above that digit... which exactly overlaps the button above it. A bit confusing.

Entering FDE password at boot - a bit laggy, and no option to make visible. Took a couple tries.

In portrait mode, Firefox cuts off the right edge, including the menu button.

Cheese doesn't show up in the app-list despite being installed. Launched from terminal and doesn't find camera. (Maybe hidden on purpose?)

@postmarketOS I got a certificate error when first checking for updates, but it doesn't happen again now. Maybe the installed updates fixed the corresponding cert?

Circling back to FDE: it's not obvious how strong this password ought to be. Coming from Android, a simple "pin" is generally considered sufficient. Here I assume this is being fed at least through some KDF like bcrypt? Is there any hardware-based rate limiting?

@sporksmith Hey thanks for reporting!

Firefox being cut off tells me you haven't updated your system yet. Please do so as we said in the welcoming application.

Cheese doesn't show up because it's hidden on purpose, it doesn't work with the camera anyway

Certificate error would be because your system time was wrong. Connecting it to internet made it fix itself using NTP.

For FDE strenght, it's just the regular dmcrypt stuff. No hardware-based rate limiting

@postmarketOS No, this is after updating. I checked again and it says "software is up to date". Maybe the error during the first attempted update left things in a broken state? Is there a particular version of a particular package I ought to check?

@sporksmith Hmm, mobile-config-firefox is the package that should make Firefox not cut off anymore. We had an issue with it but I thought it was fixed today. We will have to investigate it further.



$ apk info mobile-config-firefox
mobile-config-firefox-1.0.1-r2 description:
Firefox tweaks for mobile and privacy

mobile-config-firefox-1.0.1-r2 webpage:

mobile-config-firefox-1.0.1-r2 installed size:

LMK if there's any other info that'd be helpful

@sporksmith The package probably isn't installed yet, that's an issue we're investigating still. For now you can run `apk upgrade -a` in a terminal to get it.

@postmarketOS Oh! Actually now after rebooting (after locking up after plugging in my usb hub), it's no longer cut off, though the home page /usr/share/.../home.html is now missing

@postmarketOS tracking says mine will be here tomorrow!!! So excited!!!

@postmarketOS will they be doing more runs of this version? Or did I miss it?

@postmarketOS I got mine 3 days ago. my initial impression so far is:
1. easy to setup
2. updates were tricky. Error connecting to repos. After multiple tries I was able to update system
3. Some apps will not open at all (Cheese and VLC) . They just hang on splash screen. Only reboot will clear
4. Overall sluggish when swiping throough web page using firefox, and opening apps

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