Fresh from the factory: the first backcovers of the postmarketOS Community Edition!

If you've missed the announcement about our collaboration with @PINE64, read all about it here:

@postmarketOS @PINE64 These look so good! Can't wait to get my hands on one!

@PINE64 Will you ever sell project backplates separately? Would be nice to be able to buy them individually

@postmarketOS @PINE64

Wow, nice.
Is the schedule still good for a late-august shipping?

@postmarketOS @PINE64 why is there 2 in the picture i can't see any diffrence in them

@NavnDK @postmarketOS @PINE64 there's a difference between the two covers, can you spot it‽

@postmarketOS @PINE64 these look great! I can't wait to get mine and try it out!

@postmarketOS @PINE64 This is so exciting 😁😁😁. I am waiting for my tablet and my phone 😁

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