⚠️ Heads-up: the is considering ways to regulate software that runs on radio-enabled devices due concerns about interferences.
Some of their solutions could significantly harm , but also related project such as , and (among others).

The initiative is now seeking feedback, don't hesitate to send them yours! It seems that Non-eu citizens can contribute as well. There's not much time left, so act quickly!

@jybz Thanks, that's likely a better link. I used the one someone posted in our channel 😅

@postmarketOS typical example of legislators trying to solve a nonexistent problem, while having no idea about the implications of their proposal

@postmarketOS this legislation is a good example why we need privacy respecting hardware.

We can't always rely on just installing Linux on it.

We need companies like Purism that make routers. We should try and vote with our dollars for hardware companies that respect us.

In the router industry, which terrible company do you choose: d-link, Cisco, Netgear, Huawei etc?

@tootbrute @postmarketOS

in consumer grade, I take what is available and load DD-WRT on it...

right now a Linksys Velop is my favorite...

but I do get access to a host of commercial alternatives, and like Palo Alto in that space.

@postmarketOS linux (on a computer or laptop with wifi/bluetooth), openwrt, etc...

Yes, making a statement and showing that many people care is important here. If only very little people care then for sure freedom will not stand a chance.

@postmarketOS something similar has already happened in the US with negative consequences for the software freedom of #WiFi routers:

There needs to be a much larger, international campaign around wireless communication freedom. The question is, how to coordinate it (and how to fund it).
@uint8_t @tootbrute @TheGibson @SoniEx2 @leos

@strypey @postmarketOS @uint8_t @tootbrute @thegibson @leos make a game that requires SCTP for multiplayer. include tutorials on how to install linux and openwrt in order to unlock multiplayer.

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