System76 has launched encrypted Network Time servers with a technology called NTS! Click here to learn more about System76's NTS servers and how to add them to Pop!_OS:

People are getting their HP Dev Ones! Post a picture of your Dev One to be featured!

📸 dominucco on Twitter

System76 has collaborated with HP to bring Pop!_OS to a wider audience! The HP Dev One comes with Pop!_OS preinstalled and fast components like an 8-Core AMD RyzenTM 7 APU to help you complete development in a flash! Find out more:

Pop!_OS can join Windows Active Directories. Follow this article for how to set AD up and have your Pop!_OS machine be part of your fleet!

Didn't install Pop!_OS over the weekend? Want to try it out before taking the deep dive? A Virtual Machine is a great place to start!

Hey everyone, Pop!_OS' Social Media Manager here. Just wanted to let you guys know I will be out of office for the next week, so there won't be much going on here. Check out our other social media channels for updates.

Another cat-approved Linux install from MarcGSR over on twitter! Is your installation of Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS cat-approved?

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Our first Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS setup post!
📸 J. K. on our Discord

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What is everyone's favorite feature of Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS? :popos:


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