I just published a new blog post about how I failed during my attempt to port the 5.X.X Linux kernel to my S7.


I am currently working on a new blog post about how I failed - until now - in mainlining the herolte downstream kernel. Should be out tomorrow or the day after.

In case anyone is reading my blog: I changed the domain. It's now blog.polynom.me/

I just wrote down what I learned while preparing myself for attempting to mainline my phone's android kernel: blog.latinise.me/Mainline-Hero

drebrez got a 5.1.0 kernel (with minor patching) running on the Galaxy Nexus - and he started with nothing but forced reboots and kernel panics, then worked his way up to the display and earphone audio!

It's time to grab your favorite drink and celebrate this tale and a lot more with us in the two years of postmarketOS blog post:


@nonoriri I personally only know how to do hardware passthrough using VFIO. I don't even know if there are alternatives. Maybe there are but I know none.
I also never had any issues with VFIO.
Perhaps this PDF from RedHat helps you: linux-kvm.org/images/b/b4/2012
In my personal opinion, hardware passthrough is a bit work at first, especially if you've never done it. But with excellent Docs, like the ArchLinux Wiki, it's very doable! It's always worth a try 😄

@sir Thanks for the read and the donation. You're awesome!

@sir blog.latinise.me/How-I-Play-Ga

I just thought I would share how I use my Linux to play games. If you feel like it is worth the reward, then feel free to donate it to the EFF.

@sir Thanks to your toot 5 days ago I finally decided to start a blog. Wanted to do this for ages. Thanks 😄

Haha, I replaced Chomusuke with "The C Programming Language".
What a comedy genius I am

What about searx? It is also decentralized and basically just returns results from other search engines.

I recommend the disroot instance


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